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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2000 Determinacy with Capital Adjustment - Costs and Sector-Specific ExternalitiesHerrendorf, Berthold; Valentinyi, Akos
2002 Neoclassical Growth Model with ExternalitiesHerrendorf, Berthold; Valentinyi, Akos
2002 Determinacy Through Intertemporal Capital Adjustment CostsHerrendorf, Berthold; Valentinyi, Akos
2004 Monopoly rights can reduce income big timeHerrendorf, Berthold; Teixeira, Arilton
2005 Which Sectors Make the Poor Countries so Unproductive?Herrendorf, Berthold; Valentinyi, Akos
2008 Measuring Factor Income Shares at the Sectoral LevelValentinyi, Ákos; Herrendorf, Berthold
2011 Two Perspectives on Preferences and Structural TransformationHerrendorf, Berthold; Rogerson, Richard; Valentinyi, Akos
2012 Sectoral Technology and Structural TransformationHerrendorf, Berthold; Herrington, Christopher; Valentinyi, Ákos
2014 On the Allocation of TimeDürnecker, Georg; Herrendorf, Berthold
2015 On the Allocation of Time - A Quantitative Analysis of the U.S. and FranceDuernecker, Georg; Herrendorf, Berthold
2015 Why is Measured Productivity so Low in Agriculture?Herrendorf, Berthold; Schoellman, Todd
2015 Structural Transformation, Marketization, and Household Production around the WorldBridgman, Benjamin; Duernecker, Georg; Herrendorf, Berthold
2015 Structural transformation, marketization, and household production around the worldBridgman, Benjamin; Dürnecker, Georg; Herrendorf, Berthold
2017 Wages, Human Capital, and Structural TransformationHerrendorf, Berthold; Schoellman, Todd
2019 High-skilled services and development in ChinaFang, Lei; Herrendorf, Berthold