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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1991 Rahoitusvaateiden verotus: Kotimaiset rahoitusvaateet 1991 verotuksessaGustavsson, Camilla; Herrala, Risto
1994 Pankkisektorin tuloskehitysta seuraava ja ennustava malliHerrala, Risto
1999 Valuuttakauppojen selvitysriskit ja niiden hallintaHerrala, Risto; Nieminen, Risto
2000 Markets, reserves and lenders of last resort as sources of bank liquidityHerrala, Risto
2001 An assessment of alternative lender of last resort schemesHerrala, Risto
2003 The rigidity biasHerrala, Risto
2004 Sectoral specialisation in the EU a macroeconomic perspectivevan Riet, Ad; Ernst, Ekkehard; Madaschi, Christophe; Orlandi, Fabrice; Rivera, Alvaro Santos; Robert, Benoît; Döpke, Jörg; Backinezos, Constantina; Bardakas, Ioanna; Mora, Esther Gordo; Barontini, Christian; Cassidy, Mark; Trento, Sandro; Walch, Erik; Buitenkamp, Bouke; Wagner, Karin; Reis, Hugo; Herrala, Risto; Sethi, Faisel; Gustavsson, Kurt; Labhard, Vincent; MPC Task Force of the ESCB
2007 Household loan loss risk in Finland: estimations and simulations with micro dataHerrala, Risto; Kauko, Karlo
2009 Credit crunch? An empirical test of cyclical credit policyHerrala, Risto
2010 Credit constraints and durable consumption: A new empirical approachHerrala, Risto
2011 The Influence of Bank Ownership on Credit Supply: Evidence from the Recent Financial CrisisFungáčová, Zuzana; Herrala, Risto; Weill, Laurent
2012 Essays on the limits of borrowingHerrala, Risto
2012 Has the Chinese growth model changed? A view from the credit marketHerrala, Risto; Yandong, Jia
2012 Credit conditions and firm investment: Evidence from the MENA regionHerrala, Risto; Turk-Ariss, Rima
2013 China's Capital Controls - Through the Prism of Covered Interest DifferentialsCheung, Yin-Wong; Herrala, Risto
2013 China's capital controls: Through the prism of covered interest differentialsCheung, Yin-Wong; Herrala, Risto
2014 Forward-looking reaction to bank regulationHerrala, Risto
2016 What do we know about the global financial safety net? Data, rationale and possible evolutionScheubel, Beatrice; Herrala, Risto; Stracca, Livio
2020 Capital controls in an integrated world: A review of recent developments, policies and the academic debateHerrala, Risto
2020 Win-win? Assessing the global impact of the Chinese economyHerrala, Risto; Orlandi, Fabrice