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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1990 Makroökonomische Chancen und Risiken der deutschen EinheitHerr, Hansjörg
1999 High growth in China - transition without a transition crisis?Herr, Hansjörg; Priewe, Jan
2002 Wages, employment and prices: An analysis of the relationship between wage level, wage structure, minimum wages and employment and pricesHerr, Hansjörg
2002 ECB monetary policy during the 'Weak Euro' period of 1999/2001: Theoretical approach and realityHerr, Hansjörg
2003 Current Issues of China's Economic Policies and Related International Experiences - The Wuhan Conference 2002. Part I: The Wuhan Conference 2002Herr, Hansjörg; Priewe, Jan
2003 The macroeconomic framework of poverty reduction: An assessment of the IMF/World Bank strategy. A critical review of the PRSP Sourcebook chapter 6 from September 21, 2000Herr, Hansjörg; Priewe, Jan
2003 Current Issues of China's Economic Policies and Related International Experiences - The Wuhan Conference 2002. Part II: Further monetary issuesHerr, Hansjörg; Priewe, Jan
2009 Time, expectations and financial marketsHerr, Hansjörg
2009 The theoretical debate about minimum wagesHerr, Hansjörg; Kazandziska, Milka; Mahnkopf-Praprotnik, Silke
2010 Neue Geldpolitik der Europäischen Zentralbank?Neyer, Ulrike; Hayo, Bernd; Herr, Hansjörg
2011 Principles of Minimum Wage Policy - Economics, Institutions and RecommendationsHerr, Hansjörg; Kazandziska, Milka
2012 Lohnpolitik heuteHerr, Hansjörg; Horn, Gustav A.
2013 An analytical framework for the Post-Keynesian macroeconomic paradigmHerr, Hansjörg
2013 Neoliberal Unshared Growth Regime of Turkey in the Post-2001 PeriodHerr, Hansjörg; Sonat, Zeynep M.
2014 Previous financial crises leading to stagnation: Selected case studiesDodig, Nina; Herr, Hansjörg
2014 Theories of financial crises: An overviewDetzer, Daniel; Herr, Hansjörg
2014 Wage dispersion: Empirical developments, explanations, and reform optionsHerr, Hansjörg; Ruoff, Bea
2015 EU policies addressing current account imbalances in the EMU: An assessmentDodig, Nina; Herr, Hansjörg
2015 Theories of finance and financial crisis: Lessons for the Great RecessionDodig, Nina; Herr, Hansjörg
2016 The Federal Reserve as lender of last resort during the subprime crisis: Successful stabilisation without structural changesHerr, Hansjörg; Rüdiger, Sina; Pédussel Wu, Jennifer