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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2008 Child care subsidies and child developmentHerbst, Chris M.; Tekin, Erdal
2009 Child care subsidies and childhood obesityHerbst, Chris M.; Tekin, Erdal
2010 The impact of child care subsidies on child well-being: Evidence from geographic variation in the distance to social service agenciesHerbst, Chris M.; Tekin, Erdal
2011 The geographic accessibility of child care subsidies and evidence on the impact of subsidy receipt on childhood obesityHerbst, Chris M.; Tekin, Erdal
2012 Child care subsidies, maternal well-being, and child-parent interactions: Evidence from three nationally representative datasetsHerbst, Chris M.; Tekin, Erdal
2012 The impact of non-parental child care on child development: Evidence from the summer participation "dip"Herbst, Chris M.
2013 The earned income tax credit, health, and happinessBoyd-Swan, Casey; Herbst, Chris M.; Ifcher, John; Zarghamee, Homa
2013 Universal Child Care, Maternal Employment, and Children's Long-Run Outcomes: Evidence from the U.S. Lanham Act of 1940Herbst, Chris M.
2014 Are Parental Welfare Work Requirements Good for Disadvantaged Children? Evidence from Age-of-Youngest-Child ExemptionsHerbst, Chris M.
2014 Happy in the Hood? The Impact of Residential Segregation on Self-Reported HappinessHerbst, Chris M.; Lucio, Joanna
2015 The Rising Cost of Child Care in the United States: A Reassessment of the EvidenceHerbst, Chris M.
2015 Offline Effects of Online Connecting: The Impact of Broadband Diffusion on Teen Fertility DecisionsGuldi, Melanie; Herbst, Chris M.
2016 The Impact of Quality Rating and Improvement Systems on Families' Child Care Choices and the Supply of Child Care LaborHerbst, Chris M.
2017 The Demand for Teacher Characteristics in the Market for Child Care: Evidence from a Field ExperimentBoyd-Swan, Casey; Herbst, Chris M.
2017 Racial and Ethnic Discrimination in the Labor Market for Child Care TeachersBoyd-Swan, Casey; Herbst, Chris M.
2018 Who's Minding the Kids? Experimental Evidence on the Demand for Child Care QualityGordon, James; Herbst, Chris M.; Tekin, Erdal
2018 What Do Parents Value in a Child Care Provider? Evidence from Yelp Consumer ReviewsHerbst, Chris M.; Desouza, Kevin C.; Alashri, Saud; Kandala, Srinivasa Srivatsav; Khullar, Mayank; Bajaj, Vikash