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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1995Growth Effects of European IntegrationHenrekson, Magnus; Torstensson, Johan; Torstensson, Rasha
1995Industrial Policy, Employer Size and Economic Performance in SwedenDavis, Steven J.; Henrekson, Magnus
1996Sweden's Relative Economic Performance: Lagging Behind or Staying on Top?Henrekson, Magnus
1997Growth and the Public Sector: A Critique of the CriticsFölster, Stefan; Henrekson, Magnus
1997Explaining National Differences in the Size and Industrial Distribution of EmploymentDavis, Steven J.; Henrekson, Magnus
1998Growth Effects of Government Expenditure and Taxation in Rich CountriesFölster, Stefan; Henrekson, Magnus
1998Institutional Effects on the Evolution of the Size Distribution of FirmsHenrekson, Magnus; Johansson, Dan
1999Testing the Female Underperformance HypothesisHenrekson, Magnus; Du Rietz, Anita
2000Swedish economic growth and scholarly objectivity: An objective sociologist vs. subjective economists, or the way around?Henrekson, Magnus
2000Incentives for Academic Entrepreneurship and Economic Performance: Sweden and the United StatesHenrekson, Magnus; Rosenberg, Nathan
2000Wage-Setting Institutions as Industrial PolicyHenrekson, Magnus; Davis, Steven J.
2000Where Schumpeter was Nearly Right - The Swedish Model and Capitalism, Socialism and DemocracyHenrekson, Magnus; Jakobsson, Ulf
2000Growth effects of government expenditure and taxation in rich countriesFölster, Stefan; Henrekson, Magnus
2000Designing efficient institutions for science-based entrepreneurship: Lessons from the US and SwedenHenrekson, Magnus; Rosenberg, Nathan
2001Institutionella förutsättningar för entreprenörskap och företagstillväxtHenrekson, Magnus
2001The transformation of ownership policy and structure in Sweden: Convergence towards the Anglo-Saxon model?Henrekson, Magnus; Jakobsson, Ulf
2001Ägarpolitik och ägarstruktur i efterkrigstidens SverigeHenrekson, Magnus; Jakobsson, Ulf
2001The effects on sick leave of changes in the sickness insurance systemHenrekson, Magnus; Persson, Mats
2001Demand vs. supply driven innovations: US and Swedish experiences in academic entrepreneurshipGoldfarb, Brent; Henrekson, Magnus; Rosenberg, Nathan
2001The Transformation of Ownership Policy and Structure in Sweden: Convergence towards the Anglo-Saxon Model?Henrekson, Magnus; Jakobsson, Ulf