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1998 Econometric Modelling of UK Aggregate Investment: The Role of Profits and UncertaintyCarruth, Alan; Dickerson, Andy; Henley, Andrew
1998 What Do We Know About Investment Under Uncertainty?Carruth, Alan; Dickerson, Andy; Henley, Andrew
2006 On defining and measuring the informal sectorHenley, Andrew; Arabsheibani, G. Reza; Carneiro, Francisco G.
2009 Why do individuals choose self-employment?Dawson, Christopher; Henley, Andrew; Latreille, Paul L.
2009 Switching costs and occupational transition into self-employmentHenley, Andrew
2012 Entrepreneurship: Cause or consequence of financial optimism?Dawson, Christopher; De Meza, David Emmanuel; Henley, Andrew; Arabsheibani, G. Reza
2012 Gender, risk and venture creation intentionsDawson, Christopher; Henley, Andrew
2014 Is Religion Associated with Entrepreneurial Activity?Henley, Andrew
2015 The Power of (Non) Positive Thinking: Self-Employed Pessimists Earn More than OptimistsDawson, Christopher; de Meza, David Emmanuel; Henley, Andrew; Arabsheibani, Reza
2015 The Post Crisis Growth in the Self-Employed: Volunteers or Reluctant Recruits?Henley, Andrew
2019 Transitioning from Solo Self-Employed to Microbusiness Employer: Local Economic Environment or Owner Characteristics?Henley, Andrew
2021 Testing the Differential Impact of COVID-19 on Self-Employed Women and Men in the United KingdomReuschke, Darja; Henley, Andrew; Daniel, Elizabeth; Price, Victoria