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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2005 Do former college athletes earn more at work? A nonparametric assessmentHenderson, Daniel J.; Olbrecht, Alexandre; Polachek, Solomon W.
2007 Technological change and transition: relative contributions to worldwide growth during the 1990sBadunenko, Oleg; Henderson, Daniel J.; Zelenyuk, Valentin
2008 A nonparametric examination of capital-skill complementarityHenderson, Daniel J.
2009 Imposing economic constraints in nonparametric regression: survey, implementation and extensionHenderson, Daniel J.; Parmeter, Christopher F.
2011 Are we wasting our children's time by giving them more homework?Eren, Ozkan; Henderson, Daniel J.
2011 Heterogeneity in schooling rates of returnHenderson, Daniel J.; Polachek, Solomon; Wang, Le
2011 When, where and how to perform efficiency estimationBadunenko, Oleg; Henderson, Daniel J.; Kumbhakar, Subal C.
2012 Does education matter for economic growth?Delgado, Michael S.; Henderson, Daniel J.; Parmeter, Christopher F.
2012 A simple method to visualize results in nonlinear regression modelsHenderson, Daniel J.; Kumbhakar, Subal C.; Parmeter, Christopher F.
2012 Searching for rehabilitation in nonparametric regression models with exogenous treatment assignmentHenderson, Daniel J.; Maasoumi, Esfandiar
2014 Additive Nonparametric Regression in the Presence of Endogenous RegressorsOzabaci, Deniz; Henderson, Daniel J.; Su, Liangjun
2014 Additive Kernel Estimates of Returns to SchoolingOzabaci, Deniz; Henderson, Daniel J.
2015 Plug-in bandwidth selection for kernel density estimation with discrete dataChu, Chi-Yang; Henderson, Daniel J.; Parmeter, Christopher F.
2015 The Inequality-Growth PlateauHenderson, Daniel J.; Qian, Junhui; Wang, Le
2016 The Three I's of Public Schools: Irrelevant Inputs, Insufficient Resources and InefficiencyHenderson, Daniel J.; Simar, LĂ©opold; Wang, Le
2017 The Distribution of Returns to Education for People with DisabilitiesHenderson, Daniel J.; Houtenville, Andrew; Wang, Le
2018 An Introduction to Nonparametric Regression for Labor EconomistsHenderson, Daniel J.; Souto, Anne-Charlotte
2019 Labor Demand Shocks at Birth and Cognitive Achievement during ChildhoodRegmi, Krishna; Henderson, Daniel J.