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2009Export subsidies in a heterogeneous firms frameworkHelmers, Christian; Trofimenko, Natalia
2009Business R&D expenditure and capital in EuropeHelmers, Christian; Schulte, Christian; Strauss, Hubert
2010DO SPILLOVERS MATTER WHEN ESTIMATING PRIVATE RETURNS TO R&D?Strauß, Hubert; Eberhardt, Markus; Helmers, Christian
2010Do spillovers matter in estimation of private returns to R&D?Eberhardt, Markus; Helmers, Christian; Strauss, Hubert
2011Does the Rotten Child Spoil His Companion? Spatial Peer Effects Among Children in Rural IndiaHelmers, Christian; Patnam, Manasa
2013Patent litigation in EuropeCremers, Katrin; Ernicke, Max; Gaessler, Fabian; Harhoff, Dietmar; Helmers, Christian; McDonagh, Luke; Schliessler, Paula; Van Zeebroeck, Nicolas
2013My precious! The location and diffusion of scientific research: evidence from the Synchrotron Diamond Light SourceOverman, Henry; Helmers, Christian
2014Invalid but infringed? An analysis of Germany's bifurcated patent litigation systemCremers, Katrin; Gaessler, Fabian; Harhoff, Dietmar; Helmers, Christian
2014Does the rotten child spoil his companion? Spatial peer effects among children in rural IndiaHelmers, Christian; Patnam, Manasa
2016Technology entry in the presence of patent thicketsHall, Bronwyn H.; Helmers, Christian; von Graevenitz, Georg
2020The effect of patent litigation insurance: Theory and evidence from NPEsGanglmair, Bernhard; Helmers, Christian; Love, Brian J.
2024Do judicial assignments matter? Evidence from random case allocationGanglmair, Bernhard; Helmers, Christian; Love, Brian J.