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1999 The Effect of Electoral Institutions on Tort AwardsHelland, Eric; Taberrok, Alexander
1999 School Size and the Distribution of Test ScoresBedard, Kelly; Brown Jr., William O.; Helland, Eric
2000 Zoning and the Distribution of Locational Rents: An Empirical Analysis of Harris County TexasGroves, Jeremy; Helland, Eric
2000 The Location of Women's Prisons and the Deterrence Effect of 'Harder' TimeBedard, Kelly; Helland, Eric
2000 Runaway Judges? Selection Effects and the JuryHelland, Eric; Taberrok, Alexander
2001 Does Single Parenthood Increase the Probability of Teenage Promiscuity, Drug Use, and Crime? Evidence from Divorce Law ChangesAntecol, Heather; Bedard, Kelly; Helland, Eric
2002 Pollution incidence and political jurisdiction: evidence from the TRIHelland, Eric; Whitford, Andrew B.; Claremont Institute for Economic Policy Studies
2002 Race, poverty, and American tort awards: evidence from three datasetsHelland, Eric; Tabarrok, Alexander; Claremont Institute for Economic Policy Studies
2002 Regulation and the evolution of corporate boards: monitoring, advising or window dressing?Helland, Eric; Sykuta, Michael; Claremont Institute for Economic Policy Studies
2006 Corporate philanthropic practicesBrown, William O.; Helland, Eric; Smith, Janet Kiholm
2011 Bias in the legal profession: Self-assessed versus statistical measures of discriminationAntecol, Heather; Cobb-Clark, Deborah A.; Helland, Eric
2017 Using a Ratio Test to Estimate Racial Differences in Wrongful Conviction RatesBjerk, David J.; Helland, Eric
2018 What Can DNA Exonerations Tell Us about Racial Differences in Wrongful Conviction Rates?Bjerk, David J.; Helland, Eric
2020 Does the fundamental transformation deter trade? An experimentEngel, Christoph; Helland, Eric