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2011 The end of GATT-WTO history? – Reflections on the future of the post-Doha World Trade OrganizationBrandi, Clara; Helble, Matthias
2012 More trade for better health? International trade and tariffs on health productsHelble, Matthias
2014 The Pacific's connectivity and its trade implicationsHelble, Matthias
2014 From global factory to global mall: East Asia's changing trade compositionHelble, Matthias; Ngiang, Boon-Loong
2014 A short-run analysis of exchange rates and international trade with an application to Australia, New Zealand, and JapanAnson, José; Boffa, Mauro; Helble, Matthias
2015 Health and home ownership: Findings for the case of JapanAizawa, Toshiaki; Helble, Matthias
2015 Hard pegs versus intermediate currency arrangements in the PacificHelble, Matthias; Prasetyo, Ahmad; Yoshino, Naoyuki
2015 Housing policies for Asia: A theoretical analysis by use of a demand and supply modelYoshino, Naoyuki; Helble, Matthias; Aizawa, Toshiaki
2015 International trade and determinants of price differentials of insulin medicineHelble, Matthias; Aizawa, Toshiaki
2016 Urbanization and inequality in hypertension diagnosis and medication in IndonesiaHelble, Matthias; Aizawa, Toshiaki
2016 Housing policies in SingaporePhang, Sock-yong; Helble, Matthias
2016 Determinants of tenure choice in Japan: What makes you a homeowner?Aizawa, Toshiaki; Helble, Matthias
2016 Socioeconomic inequity in excessive weight in IndonesiaAizawa, Toshiaki; Helble, Matthias
2017 Trade in health products: Reducing trade barriers for better healthHelble, Matthias; Shepherd, Benjamin
2017 Sources of income inequality: A comparison of Japan and the United StatesAizawa, Toshiaki; Dekle, Robert; Helble, Matthias
2017 Salvaging the trans-pacific partnership: Building blocks for regional and multilateral trade opening?Helble, Matthias
2017 Time, uncertainty, and trade flowsAnsón, José; Arvis, Jean-François; Boffa, Mauro; Helble, Matthias; Shepherd, Ben
2017 How can environmental regulations spur international trade? The case of the EU Performance of Buildings Directive and Lessons for AsiaHelble, Matthias; Majoe, Adam
2017 The imminent obesity crisis in Asia and the Pacific: First cost estimatesHelble, Matthias; Francisco, Kris
2017 The impact of improved transport connectivity on income, education, and health: The case of the roll-on/roll-off system in the PhilippinesFrancisco, Kris; Helble, Matthias