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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1997 Convergence of Adaptive Learning and the Concept of Expectational Stability in Linear Rational Expectations Models with Multiple EquilibriaHeinemann, Maik
1997 Modellierung von Preiserwartungen durch neuronale NetzeHeinemann, Maik; Lange, Carsten
2005 Strongly rational expectations equilibria with endogenous acquisition of informationDesgranges, Gabriel; Heinemann, Maik
2005 Endogenous redistributive cycles: an overlapping generations approach to social conflict and cyclical growthClemens, Christiane; Heinemann, Maik
2005 On the effects of redistribution on growth and entrepreneurial risk takingClemens, Christiane; Heinemann, Maik
2007 Credit constraints, idiosyncratic risks, and wealth distribution in a heterogeneous agent modelClemens, Christiane; Heinemann, Maik
2007 E-stability and stability of adaptive learning in models of asymetric informationHeinemann, Maik
2008 On entrepreneurial risktaking and the macroeconomic effects of financial constraintsClemens, Christiane; Heinemann, Maik
2008 Messung und Darstellung von UngleichheitHeinemann, Maik
2009 Stability under learning of equilibria in financial markets with supply informationHeinemann, Maik
2010 The Effects of International Financial Integration in a Model with Heterogeneous Firms and Credit FrictionsHeinemann, Maik; Clemens, Christiane
2012 Endogenous growth, the distribution of wealth, and optimal policy under incomplete markets and idiosyncratic riskClemens, Christiane; Heinemann, Maik
2013 The Effects of International Financial Integration in a Model with Heterogeneous Firms and Credit FrictionsClemens, Christiane; Heinemann, Maik
2015 Angus Deaton - Ökonomie-Nobelpreisträger 2015Heinemann, Maik
2015 Idiosyncratic Risk, Borrowing Constraints and Financial Integration - A Discussion of Ambiguous ResultsWulff, Alexander; Heinemann, Maik
2020 Distributional effects of the COVID-19 lockdownClemens, Marius; Heinemann, Maik
2020 Inequality over the business cycle: The role of distributive shocksClemens, Marius; Eydam, Ulrich; Heinemann, Maik