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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1999 The effects of downstream distributor chains on upstream producer entry: a bargaining perspectiveChae, Suchan; Heidhues, Paul
1999 Bargaining power of a coalition in parallel bargaining: advantage of multiple cable system operatorsChae, Suchan; Heidhues, Paul
2000 Employers' associations, industry-wide unions, and competitionHeidhues, Paul
2001 Nash bargaining solution with coalitions and the joint bargaining paradoxChae, Suchan; Heidhues, Paul
2001 Tacit collusion in repeated auctionsBlume, Andreas; Heidhues, Paul
2002 On the desirability of an efficiency defense in merger controlLagerlöf, Johan; Heidhues, Paul
2003 Hiding information in electoral competitionHeidhues, Paul; Lagerlöf, Johan
2003 Fusionskontrolle und Anreize zum LobbyingLagerlöf, Johan; Heidhues, Paul
2003 Buyers' alliances for bargaining powerChae, Suchan; Heidhues, Paul
2003 Private monitoring in auctionsBlume, Andreas; Heidhues, Paul
2003 Equilibria in a dynamic global game: the role of cohort effectsHeidhues, Paul; Melissas, Nicolas
2004 The impact of consumer loss aversion on pricingHeidhues, Paul; Köszegi, Botond
2006 Merger clusters during economic boomsBanal-Estañol, Albert; Heidhues, Paul; Nitsche, Rainer; Seldeslachts, Jo
2006 All Nash Equilibria of the Multi-Unit Vickrey AuctionBlume, Andreas; Heidhues, Paul; Lafky, Jonathan; Münster, Johannes; Zhang, Meixia
2007 Do social preferences matter in competitive markets?Heidhues, Paul; Riedel, Frank
2009 Screening and Merger ActivityBanal-Estanol, Albert; Heidhues, Paul; Nitsche, Rainer; Seldeslachts, Jo
2010 Technology Adoption, Social Learning, and Economic PolicyHeidhues, Paul; Melissas, Nicolas
2010 Technology adoption, social learning, and economic policyHeidhues, Paul; Melissas, Nicolas
2010 Regular prices and salesHeidhues, Paul; Koszegi, Botond
2011 Dynamic Coordination via Organizational RoutinesBlume, Andreas; Franco, April Mitchell; Heidhues, Paul