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2003 Does capital regulation matter for bank behavior? Evidence for German savings banksHeid, Frank; Porath, Daniel; Stolz, Stéphanie
2004 Does capital regulation matter for bank behaviour? Evidence for German savings banksHeid, Frank; Porath, Daniel; Stolz, Stéphanie
2004 German bank lending during emerging market crises: A bank level analysisHeid, Frank; Nestmann, Thorsten; di Mauro, Beatrice Weder; von Westernhagen, Natalja
2005 Cyclical implications of minimum capital requirementsHeid, Frank
2005 Accounting for distress in bank mergersKoetter, Michael; Bos, Jaap W. B.; Heid, Frank; Kool, Clemens J. M.; Kolari, James W.; Porath, Daniel
2005 Inefficient or just different? Effects of heterogeneity on bank efficiency scoresBos, Jaap W. B.; Heid, Frank; Koetter, Michael; Kolari, James W.; Kool, Clemens J. M.
2008 The success of bank mergers revisited: an assessment based on a matching strategyHeid, Frank; Behr, Andreas
2009 The effects of privatization and consolidation on bank productivity: comparative evidence from Italy and GermanyFiorentino, Elisabetta; Vincenzo, Alessio De; Heid, Frank; Karmann, Alexander; Koetter, Michael
2011 Do capital buffers mitigate volatility of bank lending? A simulation studyHeid, Frank; Krüger, Ulrich
2020 The IMF's financial surveillance in Europe - experiences with FSAPs and their links with Article IV consultationsCommitteri, Marco; Arndt, Juergen; Ciani, Daniele; Fandl, Maximilian; Freni, Maria Alessandra; Garelli, Serena; Giornetti, Marco; Heid, Frank; Janssens, Caroline; Keeney, Mary; Kosterink, Patrick; Landbeck, Alexander; Cruz Manzano, Mari; Munteanu, Bogdan; Poletto, Lorenzo; Pouvelle, Cyril; Ritter, Raymond; Stevens, Luc; Testa, Vincenzo; Trapanese, Maurizio; Trucharte, Carlos; Urban, Radek; Vázquez Suárez, Martin; Vidon, Edouard; Vonessen, Benjamin; IRC Task Force on IMF and Global Financial Governance Issues