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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2008 Trade integration in an enlarged European Union - Poland's road to successLaaser, Claus-Friedrich; Schrader, Klaus; Heid, Benedikt
2010 Spatial Exporter DynamicsHeid, Benedikt; Defever, Fabrice; Larch, Mario
2011 Maquiladoras and informality: A mixed blessingHeid, Benedikt; Larch, Mario; Riaño, Alejandro
2011 Spatial exportersDefever, Fabrice; Heid, Benedikt; Larch, Mario
2011 Income and democracy: Evidence from system GMM estimatesHeid, Benedikt; Langer, Julian; Larch, Mario
2011 Migration, Trade and UnemploymentHeid, Benedikt; Larch, Mario
2011 Migration, trade and unemploymentHeid, Benedikt; Larch, Mario
2012 Migration, trade and unemploymentHeid, Benedikt; Larch, Mario
2012 International trade and unemployment: A quantitative frameworkHeid, Benedikt; Larch, Mario
2013 International Trade and Unemployment: A Quantitative FrameworkHeid, Benedikt; Larch, Mario
2014 Essays on International Trade and DevelopmentHeid, Benedikt
2014 Preferential Trade Agreements, Unemployment, and the Informal SectorHeid, Benedikt
2014 Macroeconomic Potentials of Transatlantic Free Trade: A High Resolution Perspective for Europe and the WorldFelbermayr, Gabriel J.; Heid, Benedikt; Larch, Mario; Yalcin, Erdal
2014 TTIP: Small Gains, High Risks?Felbermayr, Gabriel; Heid, Benedikt; Larch, Mario
2017 Estimating the Effects of Non-discriminatory Trade Policies within Structural Gravity ModelsHeid, Benedikt; Larch, Mario; Yotov, Yoto V.
2020 Structural Gravity and the Gains from Trade under Imperfect CompetitionHeid, Benedikt; Stähler, Frank