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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1994 GMU, EMU, and the Bundesbank: The political economy of recent EMS-crisesHefeker, Carsten
1994 Bank cooperation and banking policy in a monetary union: A political-economy perspective on EMUGrüner, Hans Peter; Hefeker, Carsten
1995 The political choice and collapse of fixed exchange ratesHefeker, Carsten
1997 Possible effects of EMU on German long-term interest ratesHefeker, Carsten; Moersch, Mathias
2000 One Size Must Fit All. National Divergences in a Monetary UnionGros, Daniel; Hefeker, Carsten
2000 Structural Reforms and the Enlargement of Monetary UnionHefeker, Carsten
2000 Optimal central bank conservatism and monopoly trade unionsBerger, Helge; Hefeker, Carsten; Schöb, Ronnie
2001 Federal Monetary PolicyHefeker, Carsten
2001 Optimal Central Bank Conservatism and Monopoly Trade UnionsBerger, Helge; Hefeker, Carsten; Schöb, Ronnie
2002 Yen or Yuan? China's role in the future of Asian monetary integrationHefeker, Carsten; Nabor, Andreas
2002 Lohnpolitik und Geldpolitik in EurolandHefeker, Carsten
2002 European integration under pressureHefeker, Carsten
2002 Geschädigter StabilitätspaktHefeker, Carsten
2002 Monetary policy in a Union of 27: Enlargement and reform optionsHefeker, Carsten
2002 Capping the CAP?Hefeker, Carsten
2002 Sollte der Stabilitäts- und Wachstumspakt geändert werden?Peffekoven, Rolf; Linsenmann, Ingo; Wessels, Wolfgang; Hasse, Rolf H.; Hefeker, Carsten
2002 Die argentinische KriseHefeker, Carsten
2002 Ein Insolvenzrecht für souveräne Staaten?Hefeker, Carsten
2002 Wie wirkungsvoll sind Sanktionen? Das Beispiel SüdafrikaHefeker, Carsten; Menck, Karl-Wolfgang
2002 Common Monetary Policy with Asymmetric ShocksGros, Daniel; Hefeker, Carsten