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1994Taxation of income and wealth in a model of endogenous growthGrüner, Hans Peter; Heer, Burkhard
1998Procyclical Labor Productivity: Sources and ImplicationsHeer, Burkhard; Linnemann, Ludger
2000Welfare Costs of Inflation in a Dynamic Economy with Search Unemployment and Endogenous GrowthHeer, Burkhard
2000Employment and Welfare Effects of a Two-Tier Unemployment Compensation SystemHeer, Burkhard
2000Wealth Distribution and Optimal Inheritance Taxation in Life-Cycle Economies with Intergenerational TransfersHeer, Burkhard
2000Open Market Operations as a Monetary Policy Shock Measure in a Quantitative Business Cycle ModelHeer, Burkhard; Schabert, Andreas
2000Indexation of Unemployment Benefits to Previous Earnings, Employment and WagesHeer, Burkhard; Morgenstern, Albrecht
2002Should Unemployment Benefits be Related to Previous Earnings?Heer, Burkhard
2003Nonsuperneutrality of Money in the Sidrauski Model with Heterogeous AgentsHeer, Burkhard
2003Inflation and Wealth DistributionHeer, Burkhard; Süssmuth, Bernd
2003Cold Progression and its Effects on Income DistributionHeer, Burkhard; Süssmuth, Bernd
2004Computation of business cycle models : a comparison of numerical methodsHeer, Burkhard; Maußner, Alfred
2006The savings-inflation puzzleHeer, Burkhard; Süssmuth, Bernd
2006Business cycle dynamics of a new Keynesian overlapping generations model with progressive income taxationHeer, Burkhard; Maußner, Alfred
2007Inflation and output dynamics in a model with labor market search and capital accumulationHeer, Burkhard; Maußner, Alfred
2007The money-age distribution: empirical facts and limited monetary modelsHeer, Burkhard; Maußner, Alfred; McNelis, Paul D.
2007On the modeling of the income distribution business cycle dynamicsHeer, Burkhard
2008Population, Pensions, and Endogenous Economic GrowthHeer, Burkhard; Irmen, Andreas
2008Value function iteration as a solution method for the Ramsey modelHeer, Burkhard; Maußner, Alfred
2008Population, pensions, and endogenous economic growthHeer, Burkhard; Irmen, Andreas