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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2013 Financial development and economic growth: A meta-analysisValickova, Petra; Havranek, Tomas; Horváth, Roman
2015 Natural resources and economic growth: A meta-analysisHavranek, Tomas; Horváth, Roman; Zeynalov, Ayaz
2015 Habit formation in consumption: A meta-analysisHavranek, Tomas; Rusnak, Marek; Sokolova, Anna
2016 Natural Resources and Economic Growth: A Meta-AnalysisHavranek, Tomas; Horvath, Roman; Zeynalov, Ayaz
2016 Do Consumers Really Follow a Rule of Thumb? Three Thousand Estimates from 130 Studies Say "Probably Not"Havranek, Tomas; Sokolova, Anna
2017 Firm Size and Stock Returns: A Meta-AnalysisAstakhov, Anton; Havranek, Tomas; Novak, Jiri
2017 Tuition Fees and University Enrollment: A Meta-AnalysisHavranek, Tomas; Irsova, Zuzana; Zeynalova, Olesia
2017 Should Inflation Measures Used by Central Banks Incorporate House Prices? The Czech ApproachHampl, Mojmir; Havranek, Tomas
2018 Forecasting Tourist Arrivals with Google Trends and Mixed Frequency DataHavranek, Tomas; Zeynalov, Ayaz
2018 Estimating the Effective Lower Bound for the Czech National Bank's Policy RateKolcunova, Dominika; Havranek, Tomas
2018 Central Bank Capital as an Instrument of Monetary PolicyHampl, Mojmir; Havranek, Tomas
2018 Foreign Investment and Domestic Productivity in the Czech Republic: A Quantitative SurveyHavranek, Tomas; Hampl, Mojmir
2019 The Elasticity of Substitution between Domestic and Foreign Goods: A Quantitative SurveyBajzik, Jozef; Havranek, Tomas; Irsova, Zuzana; Schwarz, Jiri
2019 Individual Discount Rates: A Meta-Analysis of Experimental EvidenceMatousek, Jindrich; Havranek, Tomas; Irsova, Zuzana
2019 Death to the Cobb-Douglas Production Function? A Quantitative Survey of the Capital-Labor Substitution ElasticityGechert, Sebastian; Havranek, Tomas; Irsova, Zuzana; Kolcunova, Dominika
2019 Death to the Cobb-Douglas production functionGechert, Sebastian; Havranek, Tomas; Irsova, Zuzana; Kolcunova, Dominika
2019 Remittances and Economic Growth: A Quantitative SurveyCazachevici, Alina; Havranek, Tomas; Horvath, Roman
2019 Remittances and economic growth: A meta-analysisCazachevici, Alina; Havranek, Tomas; Horváth, Roman
2019 Death to the Cobb-Douglas production functionGechert, Sebastian; Havranek, Tomas; Havránková, Zuzana; Kolcunova, Dominika
2020 Skilled and Unskilled Labor Are Less Substitutable than Commonly ThoughtHavranek, Tomas; Irsova, Zuzana; Laslopova, Lubica; Zeynalova, Olesia