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1991 Who are the truly poor? Patterns of official and net earnings capacity poverty. 1973 - 1988Haveman, Robert; Buron, Lawrence
1994 The Anatomy of Changing Male Earnings Inequality: An Empirical Exploration of DeterminantsHaveman, Robert; Buron, Lawrence
1994 Recent Trends in U.S. Male Work and Wage Patterns: An OverviewBuron, Lawrence; Haveman, Robert; O'Donnell, Owen
1994 Economic Inactivity of Young Adults: An Intergenerational AnalysisHaveman, Robert; Wolfe, Barbara
1994 The utilization of U.S. male labor: 1975-1992. Estimates of foregone work hoursBuron, Lawrence; Haveman, Robert; O'Donnell, Owen
1996 The utilization of human capital in the U.S.: 1975 - 1992. Patterns of work and earnings among working age malesHaveman, Robert; Buron, Lawrence; Bershadker, Andrew
1998 Inability to Be Self-reliant' as an Indicator of U.S. Poverty: Measurement, Comparisons, and ImplicationsHaveman, Robert; Bershadker, Andrew
1998 Self-reliance and poverty: Net earnings capacity versus income for measuring povertyHaveman, Robert; Bershadker, Andrew
2005 Extending Health Care Coverage to the Low-Income Population: The Influence of the Wisconsin BadgerCare Program on Labor Market OutcomesWolfe, Barbara; Kaplan, Thomas; Haveman, Robert; Cho, Yoon Young
2005 Assessing the maintenance of savings sufficiency over the first decade of retirementHaveman, Robert; Holden, Karen; Wolfe, Barbara; Romanov, Andrei
2010 US Health Care Reform: A Primer and an AssessmentHaveman, Robert; Wolfe, Barbara
2016 Institutional Change and the ‘Irresistible Force’Haveman, Robert
2017 Eine Würdigung von Meinhard Knoche aus der Sicht des Wissenschaftlichen Beirats des ifo InstitutsBoadway, Robin; Haveman, Robert; Razin, Assaf; Ursprung, Heinrich