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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1985 Poverty in Major Industrialized CountriesSmeeding, Timothy; Rainwater, Lee; Schaber, Gaston; Hauser, Richard; Rein, Martin
1985 The Relative Economic Status of One Parent Families in Six Major CountriesFischer, Ingo; Hauser, Richard
1987 Improving the LIS Income Measure: Microdata Estimates of the Size Distribution of Cash and Noncash Income in Eight CountriesSmeeding, Timothy; Hauser, Richard; Buhmann, Brigitte; de Kam, Flip; Wolfson, Michael; Hedstrom, Peter; O'Higgins, Michael; Saunders, Peter; Schmaus, Gunther; Hagenaars, Aldi
1987 Selected Nonmonetary Types of Income in the Federal Republic of Germany: Macro Economic and Distributional EffectsHauser, Richard; Standecke-Scheid, Susanne; Becker, Irene
1988 Problems of Comparative Social Policy Analysis: The Case of Pension Systems and Income Security Systems for the ElderlyHauser, Richard
1991 Incomes in East and West Germany on the eve of union: Some results based on the German Socio-Economic PanelHauser, Richard; Müller, Klaus; Wagner, Gert G.; Frick, Joachim
1992 Old Age Security of Women in the Twelve EC-Countries - To What Extent are Beveridge's Two Main Principles of Universality and Guaranteed Minimum Fulfilled?Tibitanzi, Frank; Rolf, Gabriele; Hauser, Richard; Doring, Diether
1992 Noncash Income, Living Standards, and Inequality: Evidence from the Luxembourg Income StudyWolfson, Michael; Saunders, Peter; Jenkins, Stephen; Hagenaars, Aldi; Hauser, Richard; Coder, John; Fritzell, Johan; Smeeding, Timothy
1993 Inequality in income and satisfaction: A comparison of east und west Germans before and after unificationHauser, Richard; Frick, Joachim; Müller, Klaus; Wagner, Gert G.
1994 How unemployment and income inequality changed in East and West Germany following reunificationMüller, Klaus; Wagner, Gert G.; Frick, Joachim; Hauser, Richard
1995 Die Diskussion um die Reform der SozialhilfeHauser, Richard
1998 Adequacy and Poverty among the RetiredHauser, Richard
1998 Memorandum: Erfolgsbedingungen empirischer Wirtschaftsforschung und empirisch gestuetzter wirtschafts- und sozialpolitischer BeratungHauser, Richard; Wagner, Gert G.; Zimmermann, Klaus F.
2004 Inequality of the distribution of personal wealth in Germany 1973 - 1998Hauser, Richard; Stein, Holger
2007 Armut in Deutschland: Versagt der Sozialstaat?Hauser, Richard
2007 Probleme des deutschen Beitrags zu EU-SILC aus der Sicht der Wissenschaft: ein Vergleich von EU-SILC, Mikrozensus und SOEPHauser, Richard
2007 Probleme des deutschen Beitrags zu EU-SILC aus der Sicht der Wissenschaft – Ein Vergleich von EU-SILC, Mikrozensus und SOEPHauser, Richard
2008 Problems of the German Contribution to EU-SILC: A Research Perspective, Comparing EU-SILC, Microcensus and SOEPHauser, Richard
2008 Vom Kinderzuschlag zum Kindergeldzuschlag: ein Reformvorschlag zur Bekämpfung von KinderarmutBecker, Irene; Hauser, Richard
2008 Der 3. Armuts- und Reichtumsbericht der Bundesregierung: Diagnoseinstrument und Basis für TherapievorschlägeHauser, Richard