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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1989 Die Abschaffung der Steuergrenzen im gemeinsamen Markt: EG-Vorschläge 1989 und alternative LösungenHaufler, Andreas
1990 General consumption taxes and international trade: A duality approachHaufler, Andreas
1991 Unilateral tax reform under the restricted origin principleHaufler, Andreas
1991 Wettbewerbsverzerrungen und Harmonisierung der Umsatzsteuer im Europäischen BinnenmarktMenner, Stefan; Haufler, Andreas
1991 Alternative tax principles for the European Community: A computable general equilibrium comparisonHaufler, Andreas
1992 Public goods, international trade, and tax competitionHaufler, Andreas
1993 Indirect taxation in an integrated Europe: Is there a way of avoiding tax distortions without sacrificing national tax autonomy?Genser, Bernd; Haufler, Andreas; Sørensen, Peter Birch
1994 Numerische Gleichgewichtsanalyse mit dem Programmsystem MPS/GE: Eine EinführungEggert, Wolfgang; Haufler, Andreas
1994 Trade deflection with transaction costs: The case of restricted origin principleHaufler, Andreas
1994 Tax coordination in a cross-hauling model: Conflict or harmony of interest?Haufler, Andreas
1995 Tax competition, tax coordination and tax harmonization: The effects of EMUGenser, Bernd; Haufler, Andreas
1995 Optimal factor and commodity taxation in a small open economyHaufler, Andreas
1996 Factor taxation, income distribution, and capital market integrationHaufler, Andreas
1996 Dynamic effects of an anticipated switch from destination- to origin-based commodity taxationHaufler, Andreas; Nielsen, Søren Bo
1996 When do small countries win tax wars?Eggert, Wolfgang; Haufler, Andreas
1996 Asymmetric commodity tax competition: Are tax rates always too low?Haufler, Andreas
1996 Tax policy and the location decision of firmsGenser, Bernd; Haufler, Andreas
1997 On the optimal tax policy mix when consumers and firms are imperfectly mobileGenser, Bernd; Haufler, Andreas
1997 Tax competition for foreign direct investmentHaufler, Andreas; Wooton, Ian
1999 Tacit Collusion under Destination - and Origin-Based Commodity TaxationHaufler, Andreas; Schielderup, Guttorm