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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1998 Location costs, product quality, and implicit franchise contractsHaucap, Justus; Wey, Christian; Barmbold, Jens
1999 The incentives of employers' associations to raise rivals' costs in the presence of collective bargainingHaucap, Justus; Pauly, Uwe; Wey, Christian
1999 Standortwahl als FranchisingproblemHaucap, Justus; Wey, Christian
2000 Collective wage setting when wages are generally binding: an antitrust perspectiveHaucap, Justus; Pauly, Uwe; Wey, Christian
2001 Government Incentives when Pollution Permits are Durable GoodsHaucap, Justus; Kirstein, Roland
2002 Zuviel Wettbewerb in der Telekommunikation?Kruse, Jörn; Haucap, Justus
2002 Warum Staaten Ökosteuern statt Lizenzen einführen, und wann das schlecht für die Wohlfahrt istHaucap, Justus; Kirstein, Roland
2002 Unionization structures and firms incentives for productivity enhancing investmentsHaucap, Justus; Wey, Christian
2003 Not guilty? Another look at the nature and nurture of economics studentsHaucap, Justus; Just, Tobias
2003 Strategic outsourcing revisitedBuehler, Stefan; Haucap, Justus
2003 Mobile number portabilityBuehler, Stefan; Haucap, Justus
2003 Strategic Outsourcing RevisitedBuehler, Stefan; Haucap, Justus
2003 Ex-Ante-Regulierung oder Ex-Post-Aufsicht fuer netzgebundene Industrien?Haucap, Justus; Kruse, Jörn
2003 Mobile Number PortabilityBuehler, Stefan; Haucap, Justus
2003 Der Preis ist heiss. Aber Warum? : Zum Einfluss des Oekonomiestudiums auf die Einschaetzung der Fairness des PreissystemsHaucap, Justus; Just, Tobias
2003 Unionisation Structures and Innovation IncentivesHaucap, Justus; Wey, Christian
2003 The Economics of Mobile Telephone RegulationHaucap, Justus
2003 Mobile Termination with Asymmetric NetworksDewenter, Ralf; Haucap, Justus
2003 Not Guilty? : Another Look at the Nature and Nurture of Economics StudentsHaucap, Justus; Just, Tobias
2004 Unionisation Structures and Innovation IncentivesWey, Christian; Haucap, Justus