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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2002 Poverty and Patterns of GrowthHasan, Rana; Quibria, M. G.
2006 Institutions and Policies for Growth and Poverty Reduction: The Role of Private Sector DevelopmentHasan, Rana; Mitra, Devashish; Ulubasoglu, Mehmet
2008 What Constrains Indian Manufacturing?Gupta, Poonam; Hasan, Rana; Kumar, Utsav
2008 The quality of jobs in the Philippines: Comparing self-employment with wage employmentHasan, Rana; Jandoc, Karl Robert L.
2008 What Constrains Indian Manufacturing?Gupta, Poonam; Hasan, Rana; Kumar, Utsav
2009 Financial Sector Development, Economic Growth, and Poverty Reduction: A Literature ReviewZhuang, Juzhong; Gunatilake, Herath; Niimi, Yoko; Ehsan Khan, Muhammad; Jiang, Yi; Hasan, Rana; Khor, Niny; S. Lagman-Martin, Anneli; Bracey, Pamela; Huang, Biao
2009 Poverty Impact of the Economic Slowdown in Developing Asia: Some ScenariosHasan, Rana; Magsombol, Maria Rhoda; Cain, J. Salcedo
2009 Surveys of Informal Sector Enterprises - Some Measurement IssuesJoshi, Kaushal; Hasan, Rana; Amoranto, Glenita
2009 Quality of Jobs in the Philippines: Comparing Self-Employment with Wage EmploymentHasan, Rana; Jandoc, Karl Robert L.
2009 Public Goods Access and Juvenile Sex Ratios in Rural India: Evidence from the 1991 and 2001 Village Census DataB. Deolalikar, Anil; Hasan, Rana; Somanathan, Rohini
2010 Trade liberalization and wage inequality in the PhilippinesHasan, Rana; Jandoc, Robert L.
2011 Effects of Trade and Services Liberalization on Wage Inequality in IndiaMehta, Aashish; Hasan, Rana
2011 The Role of the Middle Class in Economic Development: What Do Cross-Country Data Show?Chun, Natalie; Hasan, Rana; Ulubasoglu, Mehmet
2016 Skills and activity upgrading in global value chains: Trends and drivers for Asiade Vries, Gaaitzen; Chen, Quanrun; Hasan, Rana; Li, Zhigang
2017 Place-based preferential tax policy and its spatial effects: Evidence from India's program on industrially backward districtsHasan, Rana; Jiang, Yi; Rafols, Radine Michelle
2018 Labor market regulations in the context of structural transformationRanjan, Priya; Hasan, Rana; Eleazar, Erik Jan