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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1996 Suspension of payments, bank failures, and the nonbank public's lossesGerald P. Dwyer, Jr.; Hasan, Iftekhar
2000 Cross-border performance in European bankingHasan, Iftekhar; Lozano-Vivas, Ana; Pastor, Jesús
2000 Development and efficiency of the banking sector in a transitional economy: Hungarian experienceHasan, Iftekhar; Marton, Katherin
2000 Are expansions cost effective for stock exchanges? A global perspectiveHasan, Iftekhar; Malkamäki, Markku
2002 Emerging market liberalization and the impact on uncovered interest rate parityFrancis, Bill; Hasan, Iftekhar; Hunter, Delroy
2002 Technology, automation and productivity of stock exchanges: International evidenceHasan, Iftekhar; Malkamäki, Markku; Schmiedel, Heiko
2002 Return-volatility linkages in the international equity and currency marketsFrancis, Bill B.; Hasan, Iftekhar; Hunter, Delroy M.
2002 Banks' option to lend, interest rate sensitivity, and credit availabilityHasan, Iftekhar; Sudipto, Sarkar
2003 Determinants of the loan loss allowance: some cross-country comparisonsHasan, Iftekhar; Wall, Larry D.
2003 Do networks in the stock exchange industry pay off? European evidenceHasan, Iftekhar; Schmiedel, Heiko
2004 The anticipated and concurring effects of the EMU: exchange rate volatility, institutions and growthBagella, Michele; Becchetti, Leonardo; Hasan, Iftekhar
2004 Privatization matters: bank efficiency in transition countriesBonin, John P.; Hasan, Iftekhar; Wachtel, Paul
2004 Further evidence on the link between finance and growth: an international analysis of community banking and economic performanceBerger, Allen N.; Hasan, Iftekhar; Klapper, Leora F.
2004 Bank performance, efficiency and ownership in transition countriesBonin, John P.; Hasan, Iftekhar; Wachtel, Paul
2005 The effects of (within and with EU) regional integration: Impact on real effective exchange rate volatility, institutional quality and growth for MENA countriesBecchetti, Leonardo; Hasan, Iftekhar
2005 Education, financial institutions, inflation and growthBecchetti, Leonardo; Hasan, Iftekhar; Mavrotas, George
2005 The transparency of the banking industry and the efficiency of information-based bank runsChen, Yehning; Hasan, Iftekhar
2006 Financial sector development and growth: The Chinese experienceHasan, Iftekhar; Zhou, Mingming
2006 Bank relationships and small firms’ financial performanceCastelli, Annalisa; Gerald P. Dwyer, Jr.; Hasan, Iftekhar
2006 The use of loan loss provisions for capital management, earnings management and signalling by Australian banksAnandarajan, Asokan; Hasan, Iftekhar; McCarthy, Cornelia