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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1993 A note on "hierarchical models for multi-project planning and scheduling"Hartmann, Sönke; Sprecher, Arno
1994 Project scheduling with discrete time-resource and resource-resource tradeoffsSprecher, Arno; Hartmann, Sönke; Drexl, Andreas
1997 A comparative genetic algorithm for resource-constraint project schedulingHartmann, Sönke
1997 Scheduling medical research experiments - an application of project scheduling methodsHartmann, Sönke
1997 Project scheduling with multiple modes: A genetic algorithmHartmann, Sönke
1997 Project scheduling with multiple modes: A comparison of exact algorithmsHartmann, Sönke; Drexl, Andreas
1998 Experimental evaluation of state-of-the-art heuristics for the resource-constrained project scheduling problemHartmann, Sönke; Kolisch, Rainer
1998 Heuristic algorithms for solving the resource-constrained project scheduling problem: Classification and computational analysisKolisch, Rainer; Hartmann, Sönke
1999 Self-adapting genetic algorithms with an application to project schedulingHartmann, Sönke
1999 Packing problems and project scheduling models: An integrated perspectiveHartmann, Sönke
2002 A general framework for scheduling equipment and manpower on container terminalsHartmann, Sönke
2002 Generating scenarios for simulation and optimization of container terminal logisticsHartmann, Sönke
2005 Inventory based dispatching of automated guided vehicles on container terminalsBriskorn, Dirk; Drexl, Andreas; Hartmann, Sönke
2008 A survey of variants and extensions of the resource-constrained project scheduling problemHartmann, Sönke; Briskorn, Dirk
2009 Simulation of container ship arrivals and quay occupationHartmann, Sönke; Pohlmann, Jennifer; Schönknecht, Axel
2011 Project scheduling with resource capacities and requests varying with timeHartmann, Sönke