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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2000 Organization of innovation in a multi-unit firm: Coordinating adaptive search on multiple rugged landscapesChang, Myong-hun; Harrington, Joseph E.
2001 Optimal cartel pricing in the presence of an antitrust authorityHarrington, Joseph E.
2002 Post-cartel pricing during litigationHarrington, Joseph E.
2002 Cartel pricing dynamics in the presence of an antitrust authorityHarrington, Joseph E.
2003 Discovery and diffusion of knowledge in an endogenous social networkChang, Myong-hun; Harrington, Joseph E.
2004 Cartel pricing dynamics with cost variability and endogenous buyer detectionHarrington, Joseph E.; Chen, Joe
2004 Collusion under monitoring of salesHarrington, Joseph E.; Skrzypacz, Andrzej
2004 Agent-based models of organizationsChang, Myong-hun; Harrington, Joseph E.
2005 Innovators, imitators, and the evolving architecture of social networksChang, Myong-Hun; Harrington, Joseph E.
2005 Detecting cartelsHarrington, Joseph E.
2005 Optimal corporate leniency programsHarrington, Joseph E.
2005 The impact of the corporate leniency program on cartel formation and the cartel price pathChen, Joe; Harrington, Joseph E.
2008 The impact of a corporate leniency program on antitrust enforcement and cartelizationChang, Myong-Hun; Harrington, Joseph E.
2008 Endogenous Cartel Formation with Heterogeneous FirmsBos, Iwan; Harrington, Joseph E.
2010 Tacit collusion in an infinitely repeated prisoners' dilemmaHarrington, Joseph E.; Zhao, Wei
2010 Posted pricing as a plus factorHarrington, Joseph E.
2011 Signaling and tacit collusion in an inÂ…finitely repeated prisoners' dilemmaHarrington, Joseph E.; Zhao, Wei
2011 Corporate leniency with private information: The push of prosecution and the pull of pre-emptionHarrington, Joseph E.
2012 A theory of tacit collusionHarrington, Joseph E.
2012 Evaluating mergers for coordinated effects and the role of 'parallel accommodating conduct'Harrington, Joseph E.