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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2000Organization of innovation in a multi-unit firm: Coordinating adaptive search on multiple rugged landscapesChang, Myong-hun; Harrington, Joseph E.
2001Optimal cartel pricing in the presence of an antitrust authorityHarrington, Joseph E.
2002Cartel pricing dynamics in the presence of an antitrust authorityHarrington, Joseph E.
2002Post-cartel pricing during litigationHarrington, Joseph E.
2003Discovery and diffusion of knowledge in an endogenous social networkChang, Myong-hun; Harrington, Joseph E.
2004Agent-based models of organizationsChang, Myong-hun; Harrington, Joseph E.
2004Collusion under monitoring of salesHarrington, Joseph E.; Skrzypacz, Andrzej
2004Cartel pricing dynamics with cost variability and endogenous buyer detectionHarrington, Joseph E.; Chen, Joe
2005Innovators, imitators, and the evolving architecture of social networksChang, Myong-Hun; Harrington, Joseph E.
2005Detecting cartelsHarrington, Joseph E.
2005Optimal corporate leniency programsHarrington, Joseph E.
2005The impact of the corporate leniency program on cartel formation and the cartel price pathChen, Joe; Harrington, Joseph E.
2008The impact of a corporate leniency program on antitrust enforcement and cartelizationChang, Myong-Hun; Harrington, Joseph E.
2008Endogenous Cartel Formation with Heterogeneous FirmsBos, Iwan; Harrington, Joseph E.
2010Tacit collusion in an infinitely repeated prisoners' dilemmaHarrington, Joseph E.; Zhao, Wei
2010Posted pricing as a plus factorHarrington, Joseph E.
2011Signaling and tacit collusion in an inÂ…finitely repeated prisoners' dilemmaHarrington, Joseph E.; Zhao, Wei
2011Corporate leniency with private information: The push of prosecution and the pull of pre-emptionHarrington, Joseph E.
2012Evaluating mergers for coordinated effects and the role of 'parallel accommodating conduct'Harrington, Joseph E.
2012A theory of tacit collusionHarrington, Joseph E.