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2003 Functional literacy, educational attainment and earnings: A multi-country comparisonDenny, Kevin J.; Harmon, Colm P.; O'Sullivan, Vincent
2008 Validating the use of vignettes for subjective threshold scalesDelaney, Liam; Harmon, Colm P.; Kapteyn, Arie; van Soest, Arthur; Smith, James P.
2011 Parental education, grade attainment and earnings expectations among university studentsDelaney, Liam; Harmon, Colm P.; Redmond, Cathy
2011 Economic Returns to Education: What We Know, What We Don't Know, and Where We Are Going – Some Brief PointersHarmon, Colm P.
2013 Measuring Investment in Human Capital Formation: An Experimental Analysis of Early Life OutcomesDoyle, Orla; Harmon, Colm P.; Heckman, James J.; Logue, Caitriona; Moon, Seong Hyeok
2014 Effects of Stress on Economic Decision-Making: Evidence from Laboratory ExperimentsDelaney, Liam; Fink, Günther; Harmon, Colm P.
2017 How effective is compulsory schooling as a policy instrument?Harmon, Colm P.
2018 The Bilingual Gap in Children's Language and Emotional DevelopmentCobb-Clark, Deborah A.; Harmon, Colm P.; Staneva, Anita
2019 The Causal Effects of Adolescent School Bullying Victimisation on Later Life OutcomesGorman, Emma; Harmon, Colm P.; Mendolia, Silvia; Staneva, Anita; Walker, Ian
2020 First in Their Families at University: Can Non-cognitive Skills Compensate for Social Origin?Edwards, Rebecca; Gibson, Rachael; Harmon, Colm P.; Schurer, Stefanie