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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2004 Ratcheting in Renewable Resources ContractingBrandt, Urs Steiner; Jensen, Frank; Hansen, Lars Gårn; Vestergaard, Niels
2010 The Rise and Fall of Divorce - A Sociological Adjustment of Becker's Model of the Marriage MarketAndersen, Signe Hald; Hansen, Lars Gårn
2010 Quota Enforcement in Resource Industries: Self-Reporting and Differentiated InspectionsHansen, Lars Gårn; Jensen, Frank; Nøstbakken, Linda
2010 Jointness through fishing days input in a multi-species FisheryHansen, Lars Gårn; Jensen, Carsten Lynge
2010 The Dynamics of Farm Land Allocation – Short and Long Run Reactions in a Long Micro PanelArnberg, Søren; Hansen, Lars Gårn
2011 The effect of providing free autopoweroff plugs to households on electricity consumption - A field experimentJensen, Carsten Lynge; Hansen, Lars Gårn; Fjordbak, Troels; Gudbjerg, Erik
2011 Regulating groundwater use in developing countries: a feasible instrument for public interventionHansen, Lars Gårn; Jensen, Frank; Amundsen, Eirik S.
2011 Instrument Choice when Regulators are Concerned about Resource ExtinctionHansen, Lars Gårn; Jensen, Frank; Russell, Clifford
2011 Framing and Misperceptions in a Public Good ExperimentFosgaard, Toke R.; Hansen, Lars Gårn; Wengström, Erik
2012 Can Non-point Phosphorus Emissions from Agriculture be Regulated efficiently using Input-Output Taxes?Hansen, Line Block; Hansen, Lars Gårn
2012 Regulating Renewable Resources under UncertaintyHansen, Lars Gårn
2012 Separating Will from Grace: An Experiment on Conformity and Awareness in CheatingFosgaard, Toke R.; Hansen, Lars Gårn; Piovesan, Marco
2013 Rational inattention or rational overreaction? Consumer reactions to health newsBrowning, Martin; Hansen, Lars Gårn; Smed, Sinne
2013 Prices versus Quantities: What is the discussion really about?Hansen, Lars Gårn; Jensen, Frank
2013 Does Organic Crowding Out Influence Organic Food Demand? – evidence from a Danish micro panelHansen, Lars Gårn; Andersen, Laura Mørch
2013 Understanding the Nature of Cooperation VariabilityFosgaard, Toke R.; Hansen, Lars Gårn; Wengström, Erik
2014 Price reactions when consumers are concerned about pro-social reputationKahsay, Goytom Abraha; Andersen, Laura Mørch; Hansen, Lars Gårn
2014 The Effect of Climate Change and Adaptation Policy on Agricultural Production in Eastern AfricaKahsay, Goytom Abraha; Hansen, Lars Gårn
2015 A Montero auction mechanism for regulating unobserved use of the commonsHansen, Lars Gårn
2016 Regulation of air pollution from wood-burning stovesBjørner, Thomas Bue; Brandt, Jørgen; Hansen, Lars Gårn; Hjelmsø, Martin Groth; Källstrøm, Marianne Nygaard