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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2003When inefficiency begets efficiencyGersbach, Hans; Haller, Hans
2003Nash Networks with Heterogeneous AgentsHaller, Hans; Sarangi, Sudipta
2003Competitive Markets, Collective Decisions and Group FormationGersbach, Hans; Haller, Hans
2004When Inefficiency Begets EfficiencyGersbach, Hans; Haller, Hans
2005Beware of Workaholics : Household Preferences and Individual Equilibrium UtilityGersbach, Hans; Haller, Hans
2005Bargaining power and equilibrium consumptionGersbach, Hans; Haller, Hans
2006Voice and bargaining powerGersbach, Hans; Haller, Hans
2007Ordinal GamesDurieu, Jacques; Haller, Hans; Querou, Nicolas; Solal, Philippe
2007Hierarchical Trade and Endogenous Price DistortionsGersbach, Hans; Haller, Hans
2008Exit and power in general equilibriumGersbach, Hans; Haller, Hans
2009Club Theory and Household FormationGersbach, Hans; Haller, Hans
2010Local interaction on random graphsBerninghaus, Siegfried; Haller, Hans
2011Nonspecific networkingDurieu, Jacques; Haller, Hans; Solal, Philippe
2011General equilibrium with multi-member households and productionGersbach, Hans; Haller, Hans
2011A Human Relations ParadoxGersbach, Hans; Haller, Hans
2013Household Formation and MarketsGersbach, Hans; Haller, Hans; Konishi, Hideo
2014Households, Markets and Public ChoiceGersbach, Hans; Haller, Hans
2015Formal and Real Power in General EquilibriumGersbach, Hans; Haller, Hans
2015Matching on Bipartite GraphsGersbach, Hans; Haller, Hans
2016Deposit Insurance in General EquilibriumGersbach, Hans; Britz, Volker; Haller, Hans