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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2005 Accounting for Extreme Events in the Economic Assessment of Climate ChangeHallegatte, Stéphane
2007 Endogenous Business Cycles and the Economic Response to Exogenous ShocksHallegatte, Stéphane; Ghil, Michael
2007 Compact or Spread-Out Cities: Urban Planning, Taxation, and the Vulnerability to Transportation ShocksGusdorf, François; Hallegatte, Stéphane
2008 Assessing the consequences of natural disasters on production networks: A disaggregated approachHallegatte, Stéphane; Henriet, Fanny
2010 Climate change adaptation, development, and international financial support: lessons from EU Pre-Accession and Solidarity FundsPrzyluski, Valentin; Hallegatte, Stéphane
2010 The Economics of Natural DisastersHallegatte, Stéphane; Przyluski, Valentin
2011 2C or not 2C?Guivarch, Céline; Hallegatte, Stéphane
2012 Building SSPs for climate policy analysis: A scenario elicitation methodology to map the space of possible future challenges to mitigation and adaptationRozenberg, Julie; Guivarch, Céline; Lempert, Robert; Hallegatte, Stéphane
2012 The role of oscillatory modes in US business cyclesGroth, Andreas; Ghil, Michael; Hallegatte, Stéphane; Dumas, Patrice
2013 Marginal Abatement Cost Curves and the Optimal Timing of Mitigation MeasuresVogt-Schilb, Adrien; Hallegatte, Stéphane
2013 An exploration of the link between development, economic growth, and natural riskHallegatte, Stéphane
2018 When starting with the most expensive option makes sense: Optimal timing, cost and sectoral allocation of abatement investmentVogt-Schilb, Adrien; Meunier, Guy; Hallegatte, Stéphane