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2005Equity culture and the distribution of wealthBilias, Yannis; Georgarakos, Dimitris; Haliassos, Michael
2005Credit cards: Facts and theoriesBertaut, Carol C.; Haliassos, Michael
2005Trusting the stock marketHaliassos, Michael; Reiter, Michael
2005Credit card debt puzzlesHaliassos, Michael; Reiter, Michael
2006Portfolio inertia and stock market fluctuationsBilias, Yannis; Georgarakos, Dimitris; Haliassos, Michael
2008Economic integration and mature portfoliosChristelis, Dimitris; Georgarakos, Dimitris; Haliassos, Michael
2009Financial advisors: A case of babysitters?Hackethal, Andreas; Haliassos, Michael; Jappelli, Tullio
2009Stockholding: From participation to location and to participation spilloversChristelis, Dimitris; Georgarakos, Dimitris; Haliassos, Michael
2012Household debt and social interactionsGeorgarakos, Dimitris; Haliassos, Michael; Pasini, Giacomo
2013Salary cuts and competitivenessHaliassos, Michael
2014The fiscal crisis as a crisis in trustHaliassos, Michael
2014Incompatible european partners? Cultural predispositions and household financial behaviorHaliassos, Michael; Jansson, Thomas; Karabulut, Yigitcan
2014National strategic framework for research & innovation. 2014-2020Krimigis, Stamatios; Chrousos, George; Dafermos, Constantine; Featherstone, Kevin; Haliassos, Michael; Iliopoulos, Jean; Odoni, Amedeo; Patrinos, Aris; Pavlakis, George; Theodorou, Doros; Simopoulos, Artemis; Greek National Council for Research and Technology (NCRT)
2015Does product familiarity matter for participation?Fuchs-Schündeln, Nicola; Haliassos, Michael
2015Challenges in Securities Markets Regulation: Investor Protection and Corporate GovernanceTucker, Paul; Haliassos, Michael; Kockelkoren, Theodor; Ureta, Juan Carlos; González-Páramo, José Manuel; Schock, Lori J.; Mayer, Colin; Wymeersch, Eddy
2019Informative social interactionsArrondel, Luc; Calvo-Pardo, Hector; Giannitsarou, Chryssi; Haliassos, Michael
2020Household financeGomes, Francisco J.; Haliassos, Michael; Ramadorai, Tarun
2021Wealth inequality: Opportunity or unfairness?Haliassos, Michael; Jansson, Thomas; Karabulut, Yigitcan