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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2001 Voting Transparency and Conflicting Interests in Central Bank CouncilsHahn, Volker; Gersbach, Hans
2001 Should the Individual Voting Records of Central Bankers be Published?Hahn, Volker; Gersbach, Hans
2004 Reciprocity and votingHahn, Volker
2007 Information Acquisition by Price-Setters and Monetary PolicyHahn, Volker
2008 Forward Guidance for Monetary Policy: Is It Desirable?Gersbach, Hans; Hahn, Volker
2008 Determinants of trust in the European Central BankFischer, Justina A. V.; Hahn, Volker
2009 Why the Publication of Socially Harmful Information May Be Socially DesirableHahn, Volker
2009 Banking-on-the-Average RulesGersbach, Hans; Hahn, Volker
2009 Constitutional Design: Separation of Financing and Project DecisionGersbach, Hans; Hahn, Volker; Imhof, Stephan
2010 Sequential Aggregation of Verifiable InformationHahn, Volker
2010 Transparency in Monetary Policy, Signaling, and Heterogeneous InformationHahn, Volker
2011 Modeling two Macro policy instruments: Interest rates and aggregate capital requirementsGersbach, Hans; Hahn, Volker
2011 Inflation Forecast ContractsGersbach, Hans; Hahn, Volker
2012 On the Optimal Size of Committees of ExpertsHahn, Volker
2015 Forward Guidance ContractsGersbach, Hans; Hahn, Volker; Liu, Yulin
2015 Designing Monetary Policy CommitteesHahn, Volker
2016 Committee Design with Endogenous ParticipationHahn, Volker
2016 Forward Guidance ContractsLiu, Yulin; Gersbach, Hans; Hahn, Volker
2017 Macroprudential Policy in the New Keynesian WorldGersbach, Hans; Hahn, Volker; Liu, Yulin
2018 Price Points and Price DynamicsHahn, Volker; Marencak, Michal