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2012Decarbonizing Europe’s power sector by 2050 - Analyzing the implications of alternative decarbonization pathwaysJägemann, Cosima; Fürsch, Michaela; Hagspiel, Simeon; Nagl, Stephan
2012The role of grid extensions in a cost-efficient transformation of the European electricity system until 2050Fürsch, Michaela; Hagspiel, Simeon; Jägemann, Cosima; Nagl, Stephan; Lindenberger, Dietmar; Tröster, Eckehard
2013Cost-Optimal Power System Extension under Flow-Based Market CouplingBrown, Tom; Cherevatskiy, Stanislav; Hagspiel, Simeon; Jägemann, Cosima; Lindenberger, Dietmar; Tröster, Eckehard
2013The economic inefficiency of grid parity: The case of German photovoltaicsJägemann, Cosima; Hagspiel, Simeon; Lindenberger, Dietmar
2013Spatial dependencies of wind power and interrelations with spot price dynamicsElberg, Christina; Hagspiel, Simeon
2015Regulation of non-marketed outputs and substitutable inputsBertsch, Joachim; Hagspiel, Simeon
2015Congestion management in power systems: Long-term modeling framework and large-scale applicationBertsch, Joachim; Hagspiel, Simeon; Just, Lisa
2015The relevance of grid expansion under zonal marketsBertsch, Joachim; Brown, Tom; Hagspiel, Simeon; Just, Lisa
2016Supply chain reliability and the role of individual suppliersHagspiel, Simeon
2017Reliability in multi-regional power systems: Capacity adequacy and the role of interconnectorsHagspiel, Simeon; Knaut, Andreas; Peter, Jakob
2017Reliable electricity: The effects of system integration and cooperative measures to make it workHagspiel, Simeon