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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1998 Transportation costs, regional inequality and structural changes in the Brazilian economy: An interregional CGE approachHaddad, Eduardo; Hewings, Geoffrey J.D.
2001 Short-run Regional Effects of Alternative Strategies for Economic Integration: The Case of BrazilDomingues, Edson; Haddad, Eduardo; Perobelli, Fernando
2001 Regional Absorption of Terms of Trade ShocksHaddad, Eduardo; Perobelli, Fernando
2002 Tax policy and re-locationHaddad, Eduardo; Domingues, Edson
2002 Shifts in regional employment: an application of the Haynes-Dinc model for BrazilChahad, José Paulo; Comune, Antonio Evaldo; Haddad, Eduardo
2004 Transportation Costs, Increasing Returns and Regional Growth: An Interregional CGE AnalysisHaddad, Eduardo; Hewings, Geoffrey
2004 Export and Regional Growth: A CGE ApproachPerobelli, Fernando; Haddad, Eduardo
2004 Spatial Interdependence of Brazilian Exports: Impacts on Regional Labor MarketsChahad, Jose Paulo; Comune, Antonio Evaldo; Haddad, Eduardo
2005 Trade Liberalization and Regional Inequality - Do Transportation Costs Impose a Spatial Poverty Trap?Haddad, Eduardo; Perobelli, Fernando
2005 Tax incentives and economic effects - a general equilibrium approachPorsse, Alexandre; Haddad, Eduardo
2006 Interdependence Among the Brazilian States: An Input-Output ApproachPerobelli, Fernando; Haddad, Eduardo; Domingues, Edson
2006 Port Efficiency and Regional DevelopmentHaddad, Eduardo; Hewings, Geoffrey; Santos, Raul Dos
2006 Modeling Interjurisdictional Tax Competition in a Federal SystemHaddad, Eduardo; Porsse, Alexandre A.; Ribeiro, Eduardo P.
2010 Energy Policy and Regional Inequalities in the Brazilian EconomySantos, Gervasio; Haddad, Eduardo; Hewings, Geoffrey
2010 Economic Impacts of Pre-Salt on a Regional Economy: The Case of Espirito Santo, BrazilHaddad, Eduardo; Giuberti, Ana Carolina
2010 Regional dimensions of infant mortality in BrazilBarufi, Ana; Haddad, Eduardo; Paez, Antonio
2011 Estimating the impacts of climate change on Brazilian regionsAzzoni, Carlos; Haddad, Eduardo
2011 Interregional Interdependence among Ecuadorian Provinces: An Input-Output AnalysisHaddad, Eduardo; Samaniego, Juan Manuel; Porsse, Alexandre; Ochoa, Santiago; Souza, Luiz Gustavo
2011 Tourists Expenditure Multipliers: What Difference do Financing Sources Play?Haddad, Eduardo; Porsse, Alexandre; Rabahy, Wilson
2011 Impactos sistêmicos do padrão de especialização do comércio exterior brasileiroHaddad, Eduardo; Grimaldi, Daniel