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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1998Disintermediation and the role of banks in Europe: An international comparisonSchmidt, Reinhard H.; Hackethal, Andreas; Tyrell, Marcel
2000Finanzsystem und KomplementaritätHackethal, Andreas; Schmidt, Reinhard H.
2000Financing patterns: Measurement concepts and empirical resultsHackethal, Andreas; Schmidt, Reinhard H.
2001The convergence of financial systems in EuropeSchmidt, Reinhard H.; Hackethal, Andreas; Tyrell, Marcel
2003Die Bankenmärkte Russlands und BulgariensSchmidt, Reinhard H.; Hackethal, Andreas; Marinov, Valentin
2003German banks – a declining industry?Hackethal, Andreas
2004Multi-Bank Loan Pool ContractsGintschel, Andreas; Hackethal, Andreas
2004Share Buy-Backs in Germany Overreaction to Weak Signals?Hackethal, Andreas; Zdantchouk, Alexandre
2005Banks and German Corporate Governance: On the Way to a Capital Market-Based System?Hackethal, Andreas; Schmidt, Reinhard H.; Tyrell, Marcel
2005Structural Change in the German Banking System?Hackethal, Andreas; Schmidt, Reinhard H.
2006The Anatomy of Bank DiversificationElsas, Ralf; Hackethal, Andreas; Holzhaeuser, Markus
2009Does IT standardization help to boost cost and profit efficiency? Empirical evidence from German savings banksNoth, Felix; Slotty, Constantin; Hackethal, Andreas
2009Financial advisors: A case of babysitters?Hackethal, Andreas; Haliassos, Michael; Jappelli, Tullio
2013Is proprietary trading detrimental to retail investors?Fecht, Falko; Hackethal, Andreas; Karabulut, Yigitcan
2013Kommentierung des "Entwurf eines Gesetzes zur Abschirmung von Risiken und zur Planung der Sanierung and Abwicklung von Kreditinstituten und Finanzgruppen" vom 6. Februar 2013Hackethal, Andreas; Krahnen, Jan Pieter
2015Comments on the EU Commission's capital markets union projectBrühl, Volker; Gründl, Helmut; Hackethal, Andreas; Kotz, Hans-Helmut; Krahnen, Jan Pieter; Tröger, Tobias
2016Taring all investors with the same brush? Evidence for heterogeneity in individual preferences from a maximum likelihood approachHackethal, Andreas; Jakusch, Sven Thorsten; Meyer, Steffen
2018Client involvement in expert advice: Antibiotics in finance?Hackethal, Andreas; Laudenbach, Christine; Meyer, Steffen; Weber, Annika
2018Wie viel Rente wirst du bekommen? Pilotstudie zur Einführung einer Renteninformationsplattform in DeutschlandHackethal, Andreas; Bucher-Koenen, Tabea; Kasinger, Johannes; Laudenbach, Christine
2019Taming models of prospect theory in the wild? Estimation of Vlcek and Hens (2011)Jakusch, Sven Thorsten; Meyer, Steffen; Hackethal, Andreas