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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1995 Die Koordination von Interessenvielfalt im europäischen Entscheidungsprozess und deren Ergebnis: Regulative Politik als PatchworkHéritier, Adrienne
1998 Second-order institutionalization in Europe: How to solve collective action problems under conditions of diversityHéritier, Adrienne
1999 Elements of democratic legitimation in Europe seen from a different angleHéritier, Adrienne
2000 Overt and covert institutionalization in EuropeHéritier, Adrienne
2000 Differential responses to European policies: A comparisonHéritier, Adrienne; Knill, Christoph
2001 The politics of public services in European regulationsHéritier, Adrienne
2001 Composite democratic legitimation in Europe: The role of transparency and access to informationHéritier, Adrienne
2001 Differentiating and linking politics and adjudication: The example of European electricity policyHéritier, Adrienne; Moral Soriano, Leonor
2001 Regulator-regulatee interaction in the liberalized utilities: Access and contract compliance in the rail sectorHéritier, Adrienne
2001 New modes of governance in Europe: Policy-making without legislating?Héritier, Adrienne
2002 Formal and informal institutions under codecision: Continuous constitution building in EuropeFarrell, Henry; Héritier, Adrienne
2002 Interorganizational cooperation and intraorganizational power: Early agreements under codecision and their impact on the Parliament and the CouncilFarrell, Henry; Héritier, Adrienne
2002 Public interest services revisitedHéritier, Adrienne