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1997 On adaptive estimation in partial linear modelsGolubev, Georgi; Härdle, Wolfgang
1997 Efficient estimation in single-index regressionDelecroix, Michel; Härdle, Wolfgang; Hristache, Marian
1997 Large sample theory in a semiparametric partially linear errors-in-variables modelsLiang, Hua; Härdle, Wolfgang; Carroll, Raymond J.
1997 Semiparametric analysis of German East-West migration intentions: Facts and theoryBurda, Michael C.; Härdle, Wolfgang; Müller, Marlene; Werwatz, Axel
1997 Bootstrap approximations in a partially linear regression modelHärdle, Wolfgang; Liang, Hua; Sommerfeld, Volker
1997 Teaching wavelets in XploReKlinke, Sigbert; Golubev, Yuri; Härdle, Wolfgang; Neumann, Michael H.
1997 Component analysis for additive modelsHärdle, Wolfgang; Sperlich, Stefan; Spokoiny, Vladimir G.
1997 Asymptotic properties of the nonparametric part in partial linear heteroscedastic regression modelsLiang, Hua; Härdle, Wolfgang; Werwatz, Axel
1997 Financial calculations on the netHärdle, Wolfgang; Sperlich, Stefan
1997 Asymptotic normality of parametric part in partial linear heteroscedastic regression modelsLiang, Hua; Härdle, Wolfgang
1997 Multivariate and semiparametric kernel regressionHärdle, Wolfgang; Müller, Marlene
1997 Large sample theory of the estimation of the error distribution for a semiparametric modelLiang, Hua; Härdle, Wolfgang
1997 Discrete time option pricing with flexible volatility estimationHärdle, Wolfgang; Hafner, Christian M.
1998 Nonparametric autoregression with multiplicative volatility and additive meanYang, Lijian; Härdle, Wolfgang; Nielsen, Jens P.
1998 Semiparametric additive indices for binary response and generalized additive modelsHärdle, Wolfgang; Huet, Sylvie; Mammen, Enno; Sperlich, Stefan
1999 DPLS in XploRe: A PLS approach to dynamic path modelsStrohe, Hans Gerhard; Härdle, Wolfgang; Geppert, Frank
1999 The three dimensions of multimedia teaching of statisticsDerby, Nathaniel; Härdle, Wolfgang; Rönz, Bernd
1999 Backtesting beyond VaRHärdle, Wolfgang; Stahl, Gerhard
1999 Estimation in an additive model when the components are linked parametricallyCarroll, Raymond J.; Härdle, Wolfgang; Mammen, Enno
1999 Connected teaching of statisticsHärdle, Wolfgang; Klinke, Sigbert; Marron, J. S.