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2002Earnings Dynamics and Inequality during Macroeconomic Turbulence: Sweden 1991-1999Gustavsson, Magnus
2004Changes in Educational Wage Premiums in Sweden: 1992-2001Gustavsson, Magnus
2004Trends in the Transitory Variance of Earnings: Evidence from Sweden 1960-1990 and a Comparison with the United StatesGustavsson, Magnus
2004Time Out of Work and Skill DepreciationEdin, Per-Anders; Gustavsson, Magnus
2005Inequality and Crime: Separating the Effects of Permanent and Transitory IncomeDahlberg, Matz; Gustavsson, Magnus
2005Time out of work and skill depreciationEdin, Per-Anders; Gustavsson, Magnus
2005Inequality and crime: Separating the effects of permanent and transitory incomeDahlberg, Matz; Gustavsson, Magnus
2006Does Unemployment Hysteresis Equal Employment Hysteresis?Gustavsson, Magnus; Österholm, Pär
2006Inequality and Trust in Sweden: Some Inequalities are More Harmful than OthersGustavsson, Magnus; Jordahl, Henrik
2006Inequality and Trust: Some Inequalities are More Harmful than OthersGustavsson, Magnus; Jordahl, Henrik
2008A longitudinal analysis of within-education-group earnings inequalityGustavsson, Magnus
2010Does the labor-income process contain a unit root? Evidence from individual-specific time seriesGustavsson, Magnus; Österholm, Pär
2010Labor-force participation rates and the informal value of unemployment rates: Evidence from disaggregated US dataGustavsson, Magnus; Österholm, Pär
2011Job polarization and task-biased technological change: Sweden, 1975-2005Adermon, Adrian; Gustavsson, Magnus
2017Is job polarization a recent phenomenon? Evidence from Sweden, 1950-2013, and a comparison to the United StatesGustavsson, Magnus