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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2000 Intergenerational Influences on the Receipt of Unemployment Insurance in Canada and SwedenCorak, Miles; Gustafsson, Björn; Österberg, Torun
2002 Income effects from labor market training programs in Sweden during the 80's and 90'sAndrén, Thomas; Gustafsson, Björn
2002 Income Effects from Labor Market Training Programs in Sweden During the 80's and 90'sAndrén, Thomas; Gustafsson, Björn
2003 A tale of two countries: Poverty among immigrants in Denmark and Sweden since 1984Blume, Kræn; Gustafsson, Björn; Pedersen, Peder J.; Verner, Mette
2005 At the Lower End of the Table: Determinants of Poverty among Immigrants to Denmark and SwedenVerner, Mette; Pedersen, Peder J.; Gustafsson, Björn; Blume, Kræn
2006 Rural people's perception of poverty in ChinaGustafsson, Björn; Yue, Ximing
2006 Villages where China's ethnic minorities liveGustafsson, Björn; Sai, Ding
2006 China's lesser known migrantsQuheng, Deng; Gustafsson, Björn
2006 The urban-rural income gap and inequality in ChinaSicular, Terry; Yue, Ximing; Gustafsson, Björn; Li, Shi
2007 Social assistance receipt and its importance for combating poverty in urban ChinaGustafsson, Björn; Quheng, Deng
2007 Sweden's pensioners: how they have fared in the roller coaster ride through the past decade and a half of deep recession and economic exuberanceGustafsson, Björn; Johansson, Mats; Palmer, Edward
2007 Economic and ethnic polarisation among children in Sweden's three metropolitan areasBiterman, Danuta; Gustafsson, Björn; Österberg, Torun
2007 Top incomes in Sweden during three-quarters of a century: a micro data approachGustafsson, Björn; Jansson, Birgitta
2008 Temporary and persistent poverty among ethnic minorities and the majority in rural ChinaGustafsson, Björn; Sai, Ding
2008 Rank, income and income inequality in urban ChinaGustafsson, Björn; Sai, Ding
2009 Immigrant child poverty in Scandinavia: a panel data studyGalloway, Taryn Ann; Gustafsson, Björn; Pedersen, Peder J.; Österberg, Torun
2010 If Seebohm Rowntree had studied Sweden: How poverty changed in the city of Göteborg from 1925 to 2003Gustafsson, Björn; Jansson, Birgitta
2010 Why are household incomes more unequally distributed in China than in Russia?Gustafsson, Björn; Shi, Li; Nivorozhkina, Ludmila
2010 Neighbourhood child poverty in SwedenGustafsson, Björn; Österberg, Torun
2011 A new episode of increased urban income inequality in ChinaDeng, Quheng; Gustafsson, Björn