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2001 Fertility in South Dublin a Century Ago: A First LookGuinnane, Timothy; Moehling, Carolyn; Ó Gráda, Cormac
2001 Delegated Monitors, Large and Small: The Development of Germany's Banking System, 1800-1914Guinnane, Timothy
2002 The Fertility of the Irish in America in 1910Guinnane, Timothy; Moehling, Carolyn; Ó Gráda, Cormac
2009 Moral hazard in a mutual health-insurance system: German Knappschaften, 1867-1914Guinnane, Timothy; Streb, Jochen
2009 Bringing "honest capital" to poor borrowers: The passage of the uniform small loan law, 1907-1930Carruthers, Bruce G.; Guinnane, Timothy; Lee, Yoonseok
2012 Incentives that Saved Lives: Government Regulation of Accident Insurance Associations in Germany, 1884–1914Guinnane, Timothy; Streb, Jochen
2013 Problems of sample-selection bias in the historical heights literature: A theoretical and econometric analysisBodenhorn, Howard; Guinnane, Timothy; Mroz, Thomas
2015 Choice of enterprise form: Spain, 1886-1936Guinnane, Timothy; Martinez-Rodriguez, Susana
2017 Partnership as experimentation: Business organization and survival in Egypt, 1910-1949Artunç, Cihan; Guinnane, Timothy
2018 Capital structure and the choice of enterprise form: Theory and historyGuinnane, Timothy; Schneebacher, Jakob
2019 Bismarck to no Effect: Fertility Decline and the Introduction of Social Insurance in PrussiaGuinnane, Timothy; Streb, Jochen
2021 The introduction of Bismarck's social security system and its effects on marriage and fertility in PrussiaGuinnane, Timothy; Streb, Jochen
2021 We Do Not Know the Population of Every Country in the World for the past Two Thousand YearsGuinnane, Timothy