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2013 Is the Friedman Rule Stabilizing? Some Unpleasant Results in a Heterogeneous Expectations FrameworkGuerini, Mattia
2016 A method for agent-based models validationGuerini, Mattia; Moneta, Alessio
2016 No man is an island: The impact of heterogeneity and local interactions on macroeconomic dynamicsGuerini, Mattia; Napoletano, Mauro; Roventini, Andrea
2017 Validation of agent-based models in economics and financeFagiolo, Giorgio; Guerini, Mattia; Lamperti, Francesco; Moneta, Alessio; Roventini, Andrea
2017 The Janus-faced nature of debt: Results from a data-driven cointegrated SVAR approachGuerini, Mattia; Moneta, Alessio; Napoletano, Mauro; Roventini, Andrea
2018 Unconventional monetary policy: Between the past and future of monetary economicsGuerini, Mattia; Lamperti, Francesco; Mazzocchetti, Andrea
2019 Synchronization patterns in the European UnionGuerini, Mattia; Luu, Duc Thi; Napoletano, Mauro
2020 Estimation of threshold distributions for market participationGuerini, Mattia; Musso, Patrick; Nesta, Lionel
2020 The age distribution of business firmsCalvino, Flavio; Giachini, Daniele; Guerini, Mattia
2020 Governance structure, technical change and industry competitionGuerini, Mattia; Harting, Philipp; Napoletano, Mauro
2021 Assessing the economic effects of lockdowns in Italy: A dynamic Input-Output approachReissl, Severin; Caiani, Alessandro; Lamperti, Francesco; Guerini, Mattia; Vanni, Fabio; Fagiolo, Giorgio; Ferraresi, Tommaso; Ghezzi, Leonardo; Napoletano, Mauro; Roventini, Andrea
2021 The anatomy of government bond yields synchronization in the EurozoneBarbieri, Claudio; Guerini, Mattia; Napoletano, Mauro
2021 On the economic and health impact of the COVID-19 shock on Italian regions: A value chain approachFerraresi, Tommaso; Ghezzi, Leonardo; Vanni, Fabio; Caiani, Alessandro; Guerini, Mattia; Lamperti, Francesco; Reissl, Severin; Fagiolo, Giorgio; Napoletano, Mauro; Roventini, Andrea
2021 International trade and technological competition in markets with dynamic increasing returnsFontanelli, Luca; Guerini, Mattia; Napoletano, Mauro
2022 E pluribus, quaedam: Gross domestic product out of a dashboard of indicatorsGuerini, Mattia; Vanni, Fabio; Napoletano, Mauro
2022 The zombification of the economy? Assessing the effectiveness of French government support during COVID-19 lockdownGuerini, Mattia; Nesta, Lionel; Ragot, Xavier; Schiavo, Stefano
2022 E pluribus, quaedam. Gross domestic product out of a dashboard of indicatorsGuerini, Mattia; Vanni, Fabio; Napoletano, Mauro
2022 The Zombification of the Economy? Assessing the Effectiveness of French Government Support during Covid-19 LockdownGuerini, Mattia; Nesta, Lionel; Ragot, Xavier; Schiavo, Stefano