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2011On symmetry in the formation of stable partnershipsGudmundsson, Jens
2013A Review of the Existence of Stable Roommate MatchingsGudmundsson, Jens
2013Assignment Games with ExternalitiesGudmundsson, Jens; Habis, Helga
2013Cycles and Third-Party Payments in the Partnership Formation ProblemGudmundsson, Jens
2013A Competitive Partnership Formation ProcessAndersson, Tommy; Gudmundsson, Jens; Talman, Adolphus; Yang, Zaifu
2014A Method for Finding the Maximal Set in Excess DemandAndersson, Tommy; Erlanson, Albin; Gudmundsson, Jens; Habis, Helga; Ingebretsen Carlson, Jim; Kratz, Jörgen
2014Sequences in Pairing Problems: A New Approach to Reconcile Stability with Strategy-Proofness for Elementary Matching ProblemsGudmundsson, Jens
2017Compromises and Rewards: Stable and Non-manipulable Probabilistic MatchingGudmundsson, Jens
2018Let's Talk It Over: Communication and Coordination in TeamsDietrichson, Jens; Gudmundsson, Jens; Jochem, Torsten
2020Complexity of finding Pareto-efficient allocations of highest welfareBiró, Péter; Gudmundsson, Jens
2020Decentralized Task CoordinationGudmundsson, Jens; Hougaard, Jens Leth; Platz, Trine Tornøe
2020Enabling reciprocity through blockchain designGudmundsson, Jens; Hougaard, Jens Leth
2021River pollution abatement: Decentralized solutions and smart contractsGudmundsson, Jens; Hougaard, Jens Leth
2022Sharing sequentially triggered losses: Automated conflict resolution through smart contractsGudmundsson, Jens; Hougaard, Jens Leth; Ko, Chiu Yu
2023How to Pollute a River If You MustYang, Yuzhi; Ansink, Erik; Gudmundsson, Jens