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2012 Increasing Returns, Decreasing Returns and Regional Economic Convergence in the EUGuastella, Gianni; Timpano, Francesco
2012 Knowledge Creation vs Knowledge Co-Production: Knowledge Intensive Business Servises and Innovative Activity in EU RegionsGuastella, Gianni; van Oort, Frank
2017 A Spatial Econometric Analysis of Land Use Efficiency in Large and Small MunicipalitiesGuastella, Gianni; Pareglio, Stefano; Sckokai, Paolo
2018 Periurban Agriculture: do the Current EU Agri-environmental Policy Programmes Fit with it?Arata, Linda; Guastella, Gianni; Pareglio, Stefano; Scarpa, Riccardo; Sckokai, Paolo
2019 Governance fragmentation and urban spatial expansion: Evidence from Europe and the United StatesBeghelli, Silvia; Guastella, Gianni; Pareglio, Stefano
2020 The Effects of Air Pollution on COVID-19 Related Mortality in Northern ItalyCoker, Eric; Cavalli, Laura; Fabrizi, Enrico; Guastella, Gianni; Lippo, Enrico; Parisi, Maria Laura; Pontarollo, Nicola; Rizzati, Massimiliano; Varacca, Alessandro; Vergalli, Sergio
2020 Institutional Fragmentation and Urbanisation in the EU CitiesCappelli, Federica; Guastella, Gianni; Pareglio, Stefano
2021 Urban Sprawl and Air Quality in European Cities: an Empirical AssessmentCappelli, Federica; Guastella, Gianni; Pareglio, Stefano
2021 Carbon Boards and Transition Risk: Explicit and Implicit exposure implications for Total Stock Returns and Dividend PayoutsMazzarano, Matteo; Guastella, Gianni; Pareglio, Stefano; Xepapadeas, Anastasios