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2015 Business cycles, technology and exportsGuarascio, Dario; Pianta, Mario; Lucchese, Matteo; Bogliacino, Francesco
2015 Where does the surplus go? Disentangling the capital-labor distributive conflictBogliacino, Francesco; Guarascio, Dario; Cirillo, Valeria
2015 Labour market reforms in Italy: Evaluating the efects of the Jobs ActFana, Marta; Guarascio, Dario; Cirillo, Valeria
2015 Jobs and competitiveness in a polarised EuropeCirillo, Valeria; Guarascio, Dario
2016 The dynamics of proits and wages: Technology, of-shoring and demandBogliacino, Francesco; Guarascio, Dario; Cirillo, Valeria
2016 Persistence of innovation and patterns of firm growthGuarascio, Dario; Tamagni, Federico
2016 Did Italy Need More Labour Flexibility?Fana, Marta; Guarascio, Dario; Cirillo, Valeria
2017 The demand-pull efect of public procurement on innovation and industrial renewalCrespi, Francesco; Guarascio, Dario
2017 Offshoring, industry heterogeneity and employmentBramucci, Alessandro; Cirillo, Valeria; Evangelista, Rinaldo; Guarascio, Dario
2018 Neodualism in the Italian business firms: Training, organizational capabilities and productivity distributionsDosi, Giovanni; Guarascio, Dario; Ricci, Andrea; Virgilito, Maria Enrica
2018 Weaker jobs, weaker innovation: Exploring the temporary employment-product innovation nexusCetrulo, Armanda; Cirillo, Valeria; Guarascio, Dario
2019 Digitalization, routineness and employment: An exploration on Italian task-based dataCirillo, Valeria; Evangelista, Rinaldo; Guarascio, Dario; Sostero, Matteo
2019 Unravelling the Roots of the EMU Crisis. Structural Divides, Uneven Recoveries and Possible Ways OutCeli, Giuseppe; Guarascio, Dario; Simonazzi, Annamaria
2019 Quantity and quality of work in the platform economyBogliacino, Francesco; Codagnone, Cristiano; Cirillo, Valeria; Guarascio, Dario
2019 Skill Gap, Mismatch, and the Dynamics of Italian Companies’ ProductivityFanti, Lucrezia; Guarascio, Dario; Tubiana, Matteo
2020 What drives employment-unemployment transitions? Evidence from Italian task-based dataCassandro, Nicola; Centra, Marco; Esposito, Piero; Guarascio, Dario
2020 Competitive strategies, heterogeneous demand sources and firms’ growth trajectoriesCaravella, Serenella; Crespi, Francesco; Guarascio, Dario; Tubiana, Matteo
2020 The Privilege of Working From Home at the Time of Social DistancingCetrulo, Armanda; Guarascio, Dario; Virgillito, Maria Enrica