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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2005 Quality of Service, Efficiency, and Scale in Network Industries: An Analysis of European Electricity DistributionGrowitsch, Christian; Jamasb, Tooraj; Pollitt, Michael G.
2005 Die Liberalisierung des deutschen Strommarktes – ein Erfolgsmodell?Growitsch, Christian; Müsgens, Felix
2006 Network Investment and the Threat of Regulation – Preventing Monopoly Exploitation or Infrastructure Construction?Blum, Ulrich; Growitsch, Christian; Krap, Niels
2006 Economies of scope in European railways: an efficiency analysisGrowitsch, Christian; Wetzel, Heike
2006 Netzinvestitionen und Regulierungsandrohung: Vermeidung der Monopolbildung oder des Infrastrukturausbaus?Growitsch, Christian; Krap, Niels
2006 Entwicklungen in der Effizienz- und Produktivitätsforschung - ein Bericht über den 1st Halle Efficiency and Productivity Analysis Workshop –Growitsch, Christian
2006 Verbundvorteile für den Börsengang der Deutschen Bahn ausreichend berücksichtigt?Growitsch, Christian; Wetzel, Heike
2006 Economies of Scope in European Railways: An Efficiency AnalysisWetzel, Heike; Growitsch, Christian
2007 Testing for economies of scope in European railways: an effciency analysisGrowitsch, Christian; Wetzel, Heike
2008 Preventing Innovative Cooperations: The Legal Exemptions Unintended Side EffectGrowitsch, Christian; Nulsch, Nicole; Rammerstorfer, Margarethe
2010 Efficiency effects of quality of service and environmental factors: Experience from Norwegian electricity distributionGrowitsch, Christian; Jamasb, Tooraj; Wetzel, Heike
2011 Ownership Unbundling of Gas Transmission Networks - Empirical EvidenceGrowitsch, Christian; Stronzik, Marcus
2011 Nations as Strategic Players in Global Commodity Markets: Evidence from World Coal TradePaulus, Moritz; Trüby, Johannes; Growitsch, Christian
2012 Using Supervised Environmental Composites in Production and Efficiency Analyses: An Application to Norwegian Electricity NetworksOrea, Luis; Growitsch, Christian; Jamasb, Tooraj
2012 Price convergence and information efficiency in German natural gas marketsGrowitsch, Christian; Stronzik, Marcus; Nepal, Rabindra
2013 The Costs of Power Interruptions in Germany - an Assessment in the Light of the EnergiewendeGrowitsch, Christian; Malischek, Raimund; Nick, Sebastian; Wetzel, Heike
2013 Supply disruptions and regional price effects in a spatial oligopoly - an application to the global gas marketGrowitsch, Christian; Hecking, Harald; Panke, Timo
2013 Flexibility in Europe's power sector : An additional requirement or an automatic complement?Bertsch, Joachim; Growitsch, Christian; Lorenczik, Stefan; Nagl, Stephan
2013 Flexibility in Europe's power sector - an additional requirement or an automatic complement?Bertsch, Joachim; Growitsch, Christian; Lorenczik, Stefan; Nagl, Stephan
2014 Regionale Verteilungswirkungen des Erneuerbare-Energien-GesetzesGrowitsch, Christian; Meier, Helena; Schleich, Sebastian