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2004Turkey's accession to the EU: What will the Common Agricultural Policy cost?Grethe, Harald
2004Effects of Including Agricultural Products in the Customs Union between Turkey and the EU: A Partial Equilibrium Analysis for TurkeyGrethe, Harald
2007Quality standards for food products: A particular burden for small producers in developing countries?Chemnitz, Christine; Grethe, Harald; Kleinwechter, Ulrich
2011A 2004 Social Accounting Matrix for Israel: Documentation of an Economy-Wide Database with a Focus on Agriculture, the Labour Market, and Income DistributionSiddig, Khalid Hassan Ali; Flaig, Dorothee; Luckmann, Jonas Jens; Grethe, Harald
2013Herausforderungen des globalen Wandels für Agrarentwicklung und WelternährungBahrs, Enno; Becker, Tilman; Birner, Regina; Brockmeier, Martina; Dabbert, Stephan; Doluschitz, Reiner; Grethe, Harald; Lippert, Christian; Thiele, Edda
2016A 2011 Social Accounting Matrix for the West Bank with detailed representation of households and labour accountsAgbahey, Johanes U. I.; Siddig, Khalid; Grethe, Harald
2016A post-separation social accounting matrix for the SudanSiddig, Khalid; Elagra, Samir; Grethe, Harald; Mubarak, Amel
2017A 2012 Social Accounting Matrix (SAM) for Bhutan with a detailed representation of the agricultural sectorFeuerbacher, Arndt; Dukpa, Chencho; Grethe, Harald
2020Implications of labor supply specifications in CGE models: A demonstration for employment of Palestinian labor in Israel and its impact on the West Bank economyAgbahey, Johanes; Siddig, Khalid; Grethe, Harald
2020Economic and environmental consequences of the ECJ genome editing judgement in agricultureGocht, Alexander; Consmüller, Nicola; Thom, Ferike; Grethe, Harald
2022A 2019 Social Accounting Matrix for Benin with detailed representation of agriculture and food processing sectorsKinkpe, A. Thierry; Luckmann, Jonas; Grethe, Harald; Siddig, Khalid
2022Trade policy in a sovereign Palestinian State: What are the options in a final settlement?Agbahey, Johanes; Siddig, Khalid; Grethe, Harald; Luckmann, Jonas
2022Transformationsprozesse im Agrar- und Ernährungssystem: Herausforderungen für die Wirtschafts- und SozialwissenschaftenGrethe, Harald; Feindt, Peter Henning; Hackfort, Sarah; Mithöfer, Dagmar; Odening, Martin; Ritter, Matthias; Siddig, Khalid