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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1998 The Value of SkillsGreen, Francis
1999 The Impact of Training on Labour MobilityFelstead, Alan; Green, Francis; Mayhew, Ken; Pack, Alan
1999 It's been a hard day's night: The concentration and intensification of work in late 20th century BritainGreen, Francis
2000 A picture of wage inequality and the allocation of labour through a period of trade liberalisation: The case of BrazilGreen, Francis; Dickerson, Andy; Arbache, Jorge Saba
2000 Why has Work Effort become more intense? Conjectures and Evidence about Effort-Biased Technical Change and other storiesGreen, Francis
2001 Do male bosses underestimate their female subordintates' skills? A comparison of employees' and line managers' perceptions of job skillsGreen, Francis; James, Donna; Pedersen, Pål Andreas
2001 An analysis of subjective views of job insecurityGreen, Francis; Dickerson, Andrew; Carruth, Alan; Campbell, David
2001 Job insecurity and wage outcomes in BritainCampbell, David; Carruth, Alan; Dickerson, Andrew; Green, Francis
2001 Trade liberalization and the returns to education: A pseudo-panel approachDickerson, Andy; Green, Francis; Arbache, Jorge Saba
2001 Assessing the stability of the inter-industry wage structure in the face of radical economic reformsArbache, Jorge Saba; Dickerson, Andrew; Green, Francis
2002 Why has work effort become more intense?Green, Francis
2002 Training and establishment survivalCollier, William; Green, Francis; Wilkinson, David
2002 The long term pay-off from working longer hoursCampbell, David; Green, Francis
2002 The growth and valuation of generic skillsDickerson, Andy; Green, Francis
2003 The rise and decline of job insecurityGreen, Francis
2004 Can the changing nature of jobs account for national trends in job satisfaction?Green, Francis; Tsitsianis, Nicholas
2008 Job insecurity and wagesCampbell, David; Carruth, Alan; Dickerson, Andrew; Green, Francis
2008 Education, training and economic performance: Evidence from establishment survival dataCollier, William; Green, Francis; Kim, Young-Bae; Peirson, John
2008 Overqualification, job dissatisfaction, and increasing dispersion in the returns to graduate educationGreen, Francis; Zhu, Yu
2008 Subjective employment insecurity around the worldGreen, Francis