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2001An evolutionary approach to the theory of entrepreneurshipGrebel, Thomas; Pyka, Andreas; Hanusch, Horst
2003Agent-based modelling : a methodology for the analysis of qualitative development processesPyka, Andreas; Grebel, Thomas
2004Schumpeterian dynamics and financial market anomaliesMerey, Esther; Hanusch, Horst; Grebel, Thomas
2004Entrepreneurship: A new perspectiveGrebel, Thomas
2007Diffusion and competition of innovative cardiological technologiesGrebel, Thomas; Wilfer, Tom
2008Technology flows between sectors and its impact on large-scale firmsAntony, Jürgen; Grebel, Thomas
2009The Random part in network evolutionGrebel, Thomas
2014Rising energy prices and advances in renewable energy technologiesEmam, Sherief; Grebel, Thomas
2014Assessment of the environmental performance of European countries over time: Addressing the role of carbon leakage and nuclear wasteGrebel, Thomas; Stützer, Michael
2019Drivers of article processing charges in open accessBudzinski, Oliver; Grebel, Thomas; Wolling, Jens; Zhang, Xijie
2020Distant but close in sight: Firm-level evidence on French-German productivity gaps in manufacturingGrebel, Thomas; Napoletano, Mauro; Nesta, Lionel
2020The prices of open access publishing: The composition of APC across different fields of sciencesZhang, Xijie; Grebel, Thomas; Budzinski, Oliver
2021The fallacy in productivity decompositionBruhn, Simon; Grebel, Thomas; Nesta, Lionel
2022Endogenous cap reduction in Emission Trading SystemsGrebel, Thomas; Islam, Rohidul
2023Forerunners vs. latecomers: Institutional competition in the German federalism during the COVID crisisBreide, Lukas; Budzinski, Oliver; Grebel, Thomas; Mendelsohn, Juliane
2023Allocative efficiency, plant dynamics and regional productivity: Evidence from GermanyBruhn, Simon; Grebel, Thomas
2023The fallacy in productivity decompositionBruhn, Simon; Grebel, Thomas; Nesta, Lionel
2023Competitive positioning of German universities: Deliberate decision, fate, or fiction?Cantner, Uwe; Grashof, Nils; Grebel, Thomas; Kosmützky, Anna; Krücken, Georg; Zhang, Xijie