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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2004 The puzzle with increasing money demand: Evidence from a cross-section of countriesGraf Lambsdorff, Johann
2005 Between two evils: Investors prefer grand corruption!Graf Lambsdorff, Johann
2005 Hares and stags in Argentinean debt restructuringEngelen, Christian; Graf Lambsdorff, Johann
2005 Let them take gifts, and cheat those who seek influenceGraf Lambsdorff, Johann; Nell, Mathias
2005 Determining trends for perceived levels of corruptionGraf Lambsdorff, Johann
2005 Consequences and causes of corruption: What do we know from a cross-section of countries?Graf Lambsdorff, Johann
2006 Insider trading among central bankers: A treatise on temptation and policy choiceSchinke, Michael; Graf Lambsdorff, Johann
2006 There is no bank lending channel!Bajec, Luka; Graf Lambsdorff, Johann
2006 Das Keynesianische KonsensmodellEngelen, Christian; Graf Lambsdorff, Johann
2006 Combating corruption in Colombia: Perceptions and achievementsGraf Lambsdorff, Johann; Fink, Hady
2007 Das Keynesianische Konsensmodell einer offenen VolkswirtschaftEngelen, Christian; Graf Lambsdorff, Johann
2007 Fairness in sovereign debt restructuringEngelen, Christian; Graf Lambsdorff, Johann
2007 Corrupt reciprocity: An experimentGraf Lambsdorff, Johann; Frank, Björn
2008 The organization of anticorruption: Getting incentives right!Graf Lambsdorff, Johann
2010 Deterrence and constrained enforcement: Alternative regimes to deal with briberyGraf Lambsdorff, Johann
2010 Who accepts bribery? Evidence from a global household surveyGraf Lambsdorff, Johann
2011 On the role of heuristics: Experimental evidence on inflation dynamicsGraf Lambsdorff, Johann; Schubert, Manuel; Giamattei, Marcus
2012 On the costs of kindness: An experimental investigation of guilty minds and negative reciprocitySchubert, Manuel; Graf Lambsdorff, Johann
2015 Preventing corruption by promoting trust: Insights from behavioral scienceGraf Lambsdorff, Johann
2015 classEx: An online software for classroom experimentsGiamattei, Marcus; Graf Lambsdorff, Johann