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2009 The Consequences of Implementing a Child Care Voucher: Evidence from Australia, The Netherlands and USAWarner, Mildred E.; Gradus, Raymond
2010 Filling the Sustainability Gap after the Crisis: The Case of the NetherlandsBeetsman, Roel; Gradus, Raymond
2010 Contracting out, an Empirical Study on MotivesWassenaar, Mattheus; Groot, Tom; Gradus, Raymond
2011 Estimating the Effects of Recent Disability Reforms in The Netherlandsvan Sonsbeek, Jan-Maarten; Gradus, Raymond
2012 A Discussion of the Changes to Europe's Macro-fiscal Framework in Response to the CrisisBeetsma, Roel; Gradus, Raymond
2014 Efficiency Effects of Unit-based Pricing Systems and Institutional Choices of Waste CollectionDijkgraaf, Elbert; Gradus, Raymond
2014 The Effectiveness of Dutch Municipal Recycling PoliciesDijkgraaf, Elbert; Gradus, Raymond
2016 Post Separation of Plastic Waste: Better for the Environment and Lower Collection CostsDijkgraaf, Elbert; Gradus, Raymond
2016 A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis for Incineration or Recycling of Dutch Household PlasticsGradus, Raymond; van Koppen, Rick; Dijkgraaf, Elbert; Nillesen, Paul
2017 Dutch Municipalities are Becoming Greener: Some Political and Institutional ExplanationsGradus, Raymond; Dijkgraaf, Elbert
2017 Assessing Electronic Service Delivery in MunicipalitiesBudding, Tjerk; Faber, Bram; Gradus, Raymond
2017 Public vs Nonprofit Incarceration: The Case of The NetherlandsWassenaar, Mattheus; Gradus, Raymond; Molleman, Toon
2019 Keeping in Touch with Citizens Online: Social Media Usage in Dutch Local GovernmentFaber, Bram; Budding, Tjerk; Gradus, Raymond
2020 Dutch municipal elections 1998-2018: more localism and fragmentationGradus, Raymond; Dijkgraaf, Elbert; Budding, Tjerk