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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1999An Economic Rationale for Public Education: The Value of CommitmentGradstein, Mark
1999Public Schooling, Social Capital and GrowthGradstein, Mark; Justman, Moshe
2000Does Liberté = Egalité? A Survey of the Empirical Evidence on the Links between Political Democracy and Income InequalityGradstein, Mark; Milanovic, Branko
2000The Political Economy of Sustainable FederationsGradstein, Mark
2001Democracy and Income In-Equality: An Empirical AnalysisGradstein, Mark; Milanovic, Branko; Ying, Yvonne
2001Appropriation, Human Capital, and Mandatory SchoolingGlazer, Amihai; Gradstein, Mark
2004Inequality and InstitutionsChong, Alberto; Gradstein, Mark
2004The Political Economy of Social Exclusion with Implications for Immigration PolicyGradstein, Mark; Schiff, Maurice
2004Inequality, Institutions, and InformalityChong, Alberto; Gradstein, Mark
2006Is the world flat? Or do countries still matter?Chong, Alberto; Gradstein, Mark
2006Who's Afraid of Foreign Aid? The Donors' PerspectiveChong, Alberto; Gradstein, Mark
2006Who's afraid of foreign aid?: the donors' perspectiveChong, Alberto; Gradstein, Mark
2006Redistributional preferences and imposed institutionsChong, Alberto; Gradstein, Mark
2006Policy volatility and growthChong, Alberto; Gradstein, Mark
2007On the determinants and effects of political influenceChong, Alberto; Gradstein, Mark
2007Institutional quality and government efficiencyChong, Alberto; Gradstein, Mark
2007Inequality, democracy, institutional quality, and fiscal redistributionChong, Alberto; Gradstein, Mark
2008Who needs strong leaders?Chong, Alberto; Gradstein, Mark
2009Education and democratic preferencesChong, Alberto; Gradstein, Mark
2009Class size and the regression discontinuity design: the case of public schoolsCohen Zada, Danny; Gradstein, Mark; Reuven, Ehud